Vintage is the baijiu industry’s biggest and most creative lie, and authenticity requires more authoritative verification

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Who first put forward the concept of vintage wine, it is estimated that it has been too long to prove it.But for me, it doesn’t matter who brings it up first. That’s not the point of my discussion.Vintage wine is a concept that consumers like very much, and drinking a pot of vintage wine is also a matter of great pride. Therefore, when the vintage wine of a brand is listed at the beginning, it attracts special attention and makes other peers jealous.Over the years, too many wine companies have tried, unsuccessfully, to revoke the vintage label in order to keep it from monopolizing the concept.Another event that attracted widespread attention was that a consumer questioned the wine boss’s 15 years and sued the court for false publicity.In the end, the consumer won.Tantamount to hammer the truth of the lie of the year.Vintage wine is so popular that too many wine companies have launched similar products, such as Honghua Lang 5, 15, Fen 20, 30, Zhen 5, 10, 15, 30, Guizhou expensive 5, 10, 15, 30, and gu 20, 30, of course, there are 15 years and 30 years old wine.There are also many small wineries, which always launch some five years old, eight years old, fifteen years old, in order to let consumers have the illusion of vintage wine, consciously pay a higher price for these concepts.In fact, these so-called vintages are mixed with a certain percentage of vintages.The proportion of vintages is usually not too high.After all, wineries are limited in the amount of old wine they can store, and the cost is too high.The concept of a real year is quite popular at the moment.But there are actually two kinds of years.The first is the actual year represented by tan wine.In fact, it is also the past hook mixing wine, but tan wine directly published the proportion of each year of each wine, printed on the bottle, so that consumers buy a clear, drink a clear.Such is the case with Jean 2011, a high-end, light-bottled vintage.The second is guizhou alcohol major true year.Directly from the winery pottery pot storage of ten years, five years of base wine, directly out of the cans, no longer add a variety of flavoring wine, to ensure that every drop of wine in each bottle is full of vintage wine, original wine.National Taiwan national Standard 2017, launched on March 15 this year, seems to belong to this category.The true year of tan wine is relatively speaking, it is easier for consumers to accept and understand, and it is also easier for people to accept the taste.The true year of Guizhou alcohol has been criticized and questioned since it was put on the market.The mainest is the wine that did not pass any hook harmonic to add, seasoning, not satisfactory on mouthfeel, by the person thinks wine quality is not good.The emphasis on the true year also seems to lack certification from an authoritative body.There is no standard for the vintage itself, as long as the conscience is not painful, it doesn’t matter to mark 100 years.Therefore, the true year to be more acceptable, to be more popular, need more authoritative institutions to authenticate, need more authoritative industry to identify.The popularity of true years is estimated to be the last three or five years.