Student enrollment in the first year?

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Speaking of the school roll, I believe that the parents of primary school students are not strange, as a child, into primary school is equal to formally enter the school stage, this time is the need to establish the school roll file, the school roll file will accompany the child’s life.So, first year enrollment?Here is the problem, let’s have a look!Do you need to enroll in the first grade?The registration number needs to include the relevant information of the child after the child enters the school, which will be uploaded by the school roll administrator.A register is a legal status or qualification for a student to belong to a particular school.What is the role of school roll is in the future to work in a kind of proof, it refers to a student belongs to a school of a legal identity or qualifications.Once the student has obtained the student status according to the regulations, he/she enjoys the right to use the educational and teaching resources provided by the school, participate in various activities arranged by the school’s educational and teaching plan, and obtain the corresponding academic certificate after completing the required studies.At the same time, students should abide by the school management system, pay tuition fees and related fees in accordance with the provisions, study hard, and abide by the code of conduct of students.Grade one sign up need what material is usually a grade for the public security department issued by the children with their parents or grandparents, maternal grandparents) with the household, living with household register card (this) and consistent with household situation of housing property right of house property card (card), children’s birth certificate, vaccination certificate, child health handbook (or card), the legal guardian of the id card,Quality education development manual for children in kindergarten and related learning materials.