So many ways to play!Have you clocked in jiangning this Spring Festival?

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Go to the market, enjoy the lion dance, guess lantern riddles, taste delicious food…Jiangning during the Spring Festival very beautiful countryside NianWeiEr various characteristic folk custom activity wonderful constantly left left left 01 jinling home of money cross the town of jinling home money cross the intangible culture into the water during the Spring Festival with intangible holidays outdoor huangmei opera master, XiJu performances, swinging lake ship competes with local characteristics, such as intangible performance exhibition art allows you to experience different life of paper cutting, clay sculpture, knotMore than a dozen intangible cultural heritage projects, such as mahogany carving, were specially added to the intangible cultural heritage class to make soap, cut window cuts, screen tools…02 Tangshan Ziqing Lake Eco-tourism Hot spring Resort Fireworks set off by the lake every night, wonderful international circus show, outdoor forest hot spring, Asian elephant science education Lion Star Children’s Paradise…Spring Festival walking baby must choose!03 Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Area happily stroll jinling food, intangible cultural heritage……Come across Fu Lu shou puppet get fu fruit feel full of cow head heart and blessing happy garden fu traditional rubbings, set cow head wufu Spring Festival will touch fu Cow head year good luck to play to the end tired to eat fu noodles eat wufu good fortune this year of the tiger niushou Mountain full of blessing!04 jiangsu garden expo garden 300 square meters large red hat topic ice the games atmosphere put on skates and full gear feel happy clay figurine, bamboo carving, shadow play on the ice sugar painting, kite, paper-cuttings etc six intangible cultural heritage projects show the unique experience of ancient art in folk pavilion 05 nanjing australopithecus people cave scenic area in prehistoric cultural sites of the human experience from ordovician limestone by more than 400 million yearsA karst groundwater of karst cave ornamental hominid fossil skull to write down your New Year wishes to harvest happiness full of 06 Ming village (yangshan tablet) scenic spot every day four the performance check daming elegance and the unique charm of lion dance experience the vast of stele and boldness of vision experience the wisdom of the ancients and industrious jiangning various scenic spots in conducting various external disease, a variety of colorful activities to celebrate the New YearEmotion control has no slack left left left strictly implement the “set limit to, make an appointment, wrong peak” wearing a mask, inspecting and measuring temperature, double code, inward and outward, wicket with epidemic prevention material guide tourists one-meter line distance cleaning personnel timing for epidemic prevention xiaosha…Create “peace of mind swim” epidemic prevention service to let you play without worry, travel without worry!This Spring Festival jiangning super play can not be missed ~ holiday there is one day to play together!