Shiyan Dongyue Sub-branch South District police station: further promote the “search for blocking prevention 2022”, to ensure the safety of citizens to celebrate the festival

2022-07-12 0 By

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Zhao Zhenzhong Wang Pei) “here front yard pool and backyard incense steps without guardrail, once personnel congestion is very easy to cause stampede and personnel into the water safety accident…”Recently, Shiyan City public Security Bureau Dongyue branch south district police station to further promote the “blocking prevention 2022” special action, director Zhao Zhenzhong led the team came to Zhangwan District Dongyue ancient Tai security risks investigation, to ensure the safety of the Lantern Festival public sacrifices.It is reported that Dongyue Ancient Tai was originally the site of Shiyan Dongyue Temple. Before the construction of the city, only the ruins were left. In the late 1980s, dongyue Ancient Tai was rebuilt in the original site.Because there are two huge and ancient cypress trees, the tree age has been more than 500 years of history, is still luxuriant, become citizens to burn incense worship “holy land”.According to the southern district of the policemen, though related department to push forward the environmental civilization sacrifice, but on the first day, 15 and ching Ming festival, there will be hundreds of people queuing incense burning paper in this ritual, the ancient shops on both sides and traders will also be selling incense framed in this paper, the ancient stage backyard scattered plant leaves, easy to cause fire.Only on New Year’s Eve, the masses of incense burning paper in this amounted to more than 700 people, the bureau chief Liu Chaojun timely mobilized the police on duty to support the bureau, to ensure the safe and orderly sacrificial activities.”A lot of work needs to be done to get people to abandon the custom and change the customs completely.Now we can only rely on ‘finding and blocking’ to ensure the safety of citizens and actively guide the masses to change the way of sacrifice.”Zhao Zhenzhong, director of the South area.During the lunar New Year holiday, which rely on “looking for plugging the 2022” action, deploy enough police to do “tuen p street, dominant use p” work, strictly implement the social prevention and control, ban whip patrol, hidden, BeiQin on duty and so on each work, especially in the dongyue surrounding the ancient stage, need to carry out the uninterrupted patrol, to safeguard the people peace and peaceful holiday.Next, this place will be joint street office, civilian zong bureau, market supervision, environment protection bureau and other departments to carry out joint law enforcement, common management, through setting eye-catching propaganda column, guide the citizen to use the civilized worship way such as flower basket, flower, solve the place as soon as possible to leave problems.