Important reminder!Be sure to see it on the train back

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The Spring Festival holiday is drawing to a close. Here is a guide for you on your way home.Check luggage some common items in life can not be carried on a train, such as alcohol, children toy guns, more than 120 ml of pressure tank of items for more than 20 ml of nail polish, etc before a trip to confirm whether there is must be carefully checked baggage items are prohibited or restricted if you cannot determine whether violations can query on railway 12306 app can also dial 12306 ironRoad customer service telephone consultation tips: except guide dogs, all live animals are not allowed to carry the car!What if I forget my ID card?Rushed to the railway station found id card lost or forgotten how to do?Open the 12306APP and click “More” to find the “warm service” and then click “Apply for Temporary Identification”. Fill in your identity information for facial authentication and get a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code. This is your “temporary Identification”.The electronic temporary identification card will be valid within 24 hours. After 24 hours, a new application is required. Each passenger can apply for 3 times at most within one natural month.What if I miss my train?If you need to change your travel plan because of delayed train or other reasons, you can change the ticket once. You can change the ticket once at the designated window of the station, the automatic ticket machine or the railway 12306APP.If you change your itinerary again after the ticket change, you can refund the ticket according to the regulations, but the ticket changed after driving cannot be refunded.Be sure to know before transferring!Need to transit transfer passengers to get off on the platform after the wall or the ground to find convenient “transfer” marks followed the guide into the waiting area image transfer channels are available from the platform to arrive before entering the convenient channel station staff need to check the passenger transfer ticket information please you ready to buy tickets in advance of the use of valid identity certificate pictures warm prompt:If you can’t find the appropriate sign, you can ask the platform staff.Affected by the epidemic, the opening time of the convenient transfer channel will be adjusted dynamically.What if I leave something on the train?If you have left your luggage on the train or at the station, you can report it to the railway staff or call 12306 service number to clarify the details of the lost luggage. The railway department will do its best to find it for you. In addition,Railway 12306APP has the service function of “lost items search”. After you complete the service form item by item, you can pay attention to the progress of reporting loss at any time. Warm tips: When you go out, you must watch your luggage, especially valuables!Your return road we will guard the source of China railway editor Xu Fangfang editor Li Jie Liu Sibo