“Domestic Elfa” Trumpchi M8, comparable to Lexus LM

2022-07-12 0 By

Speaking of MPV, we are not the first to think of feng Tian er method this car should be one of the most famous MPV models, in our cognition is also the most luxurious MPV.The reason why this car is so expensive is not only because of the performance of this car, but also because of the “hungry marketing” of sellers, which makes this car in our country is not very much.The same is true of the Lexus LM, which is similar to erfa.Just because these two cars are in front, there are not many famous MPV cars in our country.But some time ago, gaC launched a model to break this dilemma.This new car is trumpchi M8, see its appearance, we are directly called it “domestic Elfa”, comparable to Lakesas LM, the price is cheaper 920,000.The main reason people call it a “domestic Elfa” is because it looks like an Elfa.But there are some big design differences.The car’s front mesh design is similar to that of the Elfa, with the same large air intake grille and wide metal bars that give it a powerful look.Headlights on both sides of the car are designed with curves to make the car look eye-catching.Flat straight body, the body is more slender and not rigid.The design of the tail is more simple than that of the front face, but it does not lose its aura.The overall look is low-key and luxurious, the aura is nothing less than the Lakesas LM.The appearance is beautiful, but the interior of the Trumpchi M8 is a bit tame compared to its exterior.However, we can also see that this car is mainly composed atmosphere style, or very consistent with its business line positioning.The overall design of the center console is wrapped in leather and decorated with silver metal strips to look more delicate.And the wide screen, so that drivers operate more convenient.The design of touch buttons and physical buttons makes it easier to operate.The powertrain of the Trumpchi M8 has been changed to a third-generation 2.0TGDI engine.It completely replaces the old engine, so its power is guaranteed.However, this car due to its front suspension stretch is more obvious, so it will have a slight front wheel skid at the start of the phenomenon, but later recovered.Start relatively speaking is still very strong, in the middle of the acceleration, will quickly speed up.And it does not make the car lean forward, which is relatively good for the same price model.The replacement of the new power system, so that it has a significant change in oil consumption.The trumpchi M8, which claims to be a “home-made Elfa”, is good in every way.Its appearance is not only better than Erfa, in the aura is comparable to The Thunder KESas LM, especially its guide price is only 240,000, and thunder Kesas LM compared to the whole cheap 920,000, which is to save the money of a car!Overall, trumpchi M8’s performance and appearance are as good as those of some big brands.I believe that under its leadership, China’s MPV will progress faster, I believe that there will be more excellent multi-purpose vehicles.