Ding Xiaoshui, former director of wuhu’s civil Air Defense Office, was expelled from the Communist Party of China for failing to supervise his spouse and children

2022-07-12 0 By

According to @ Anhui Discipline Inspection and supervision news, recently, with the approval of the Wuhu Municipal Party Committee, The Wuhu Municipal Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee of ding Xiaoshui, the former party secretary and director of the municipal Civil Air Defense Office, has been investigated for serious violations of discipline and law.According to the investigation, Ding Xiaoshui, as a leading cadre of party members, did not abide by the original mission, ignored party discipline and state law, did not fear, took chances, and neglected supervision of his spouse and children.Ding Xiaoshui’s behavior violates the Party’s political discipline, the spirit of the Eight-point regulations of the CPC Central Committee and incorruptibility discipline, violates national laws and regulations and constitutes illegal duty, and is suspected of taking bribes, and does not stop after the 18th National Congress of the CPC, should be seriously dealt with.On the basis of the Chinese communist party disciplinary regulations of the People’s Republic of China on inspection act of the People’s Republic of China on public servants administrative sanction law and other relevant provisions, the wuhu wuhu research and be submitted to the standing committee of CPC meeting without the approval of the municipal party committee decided to give Ding Xiaoshui expelled from punishment, cancel its enjoy the treatment by the regulation, confiscate its disciplinary illegal income;Transfer the suspected crimes to the procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution in accordance with the law, and transfer the property involved together.Source :(discipline inspection commission of wuhu)