Metro Encyclopedia: The subway also has “traffic lights”, these common lights you can see?

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We usually see the traffic lights on the road are such “red” “green” “yellow” three colors that in the underground subway also want to see the “traffic lights” act?Yes!The traffic lights in the subway are white, blue, yellow and red in addition to red, green and yellow…In addition, we don’t call it “traffic light” but “signal light”. If you take the subway frequently and are good at observation, you may find that there is something similar to the common traffic light in life, which is the signal used on the main line of the subway.Subway signal machine – is the signal equipment indicating the train operation, is the train and shunting operation command expression.Common in subway station, station, turnout section.It and axle, track circuit, turnout together constitute interlocking, and interlocking is the basic safety logic of the normal operation of subway trains, so it can be seen that the signal is an essential link to ensure everyone’s safe travel!After knowing about the subway signal machine, Xiaotie will take you to know what the colors of the commonly used signal machine represent. (The following figure shows three display signal machines.Green light for example) representatives can advance to the next light intersection special smooth roads can speed at full speed by the regulation during bring photo network red light on behalf of all train no thoroughfare and must stop bring pictures in my signal before yellow light source network representatives can advance to the next light intersection but on the way there are corners need to limit speed bring photo source through the network to yellowLamp + red light train can run down a consequent signal but not more than 25 km/h and will observe the line around in case of emergency to be ready to stop bring photo network in addition to this we still have a kind of rare for subway train “rest” places use models they are long like that blue light blue light banned shunting when trains run beforeParty does not have the prevailing conditions will be flashing blue lights to signal before train parking waiting for images bring white light white light source network to allow shunting whenever see can I know the road ahead but train if I want to safe passage must be in accordance with the specified speed bring photo network through the introduction of iron powder above have realized the importance of the subway signal ~ small iron remind ironNo matter you are on the road or on the track, you should strictly obey the signal lights