How to strengthen the archives management of the disabled in the new era

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Abstract: The disabled are an important part of China’s population, the new era to strengthen the management of the archives of the disabled, related to the interests of the disabled and the overall situation of people’s life.Therefore, based on the thoughts of the disabled, do a good job in the originality, integrity and richness of archives management, serve the disabled, protect their legitimate rights and interests.However, when it comes to the actual management of records for persons with disabilities, management awareness, personnel quality and system limitations can affect the effectiveness of document processing for persons with disabilities.This paper analyzes the status quo of the archives management of the disabled and explains the effective measures to strengthen the management.The disabled are a very special part of the human social structure. In the new era, we should strengthen the work of the disabled and provide them with better services.Document processing is a very important content in the work of the disabled, including the important information of each disabled person, and related to the major interests, and strive to optimize the management mode, improve the overall quality of managers and the overall efficiency of file management.Scientific and standardized archives management must keep pace with The Times, fully adapt to the needs of new business forms, and create a new situation of archives management.Based on my practice in the DISABLED persons’ Federation, the author discusses the status quo of archives management of disabled persons in the new era.Next, according to the current situation, we will analyze the effective development strategy of archives management in China in the new era, and understand the actual activities of the Disabled persons’ Federation.Key words: disabled persons;Archives management;The status quo.Analysis;The cause of the disabled embodies social virtue and social justice, and is an important part of China’s socialist cause.Under the new situation, handling the archives of the disabled relates to the great interests of the disabled, and is the inevitable responsibility of the competent departments and service organizations of the disabled at all levels.In order to understand and care for the disabled, we must do a good job in the archives of the disabled according to the concept of taking the disabled as the center.The archives of the disabled include the archives of the disabled certificate, rehabilitation, training and employment, etc., which is a very important task. While the Party and the government attach great importance to the issue of the disabled, the archives of the disabled in the new era also face new challenges [1].As an important part of China’s social security, the work of the disabled is an important embodiment of China’s basic social values and the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and social justice.At present, based on social development and in accordance with the principle and concept based on the disabled, the comprehensive implementation of the management of the disabled in China, rehabilitation files, training files, employment files, disability identification files have achieved certain results, but there are many subjective and objective factors, there are still some problems in the administrative work.The main problems are summarized as follows: on the one hand, there are subjective factors;The importance of archives management to further improve, the administrator at random to participate in the management, use the integrated management method, is advantageous for the collecting, sorting and storage is very important, need to further improve the development and use of archive information, reduces the scientific use of prohibited file, lost the file information of the original value.At the same time, the professional level of disability document processing personnel needs greater improvement. Many managers lack solid abilities and can only gradually explore their own work according to the experience of older employees.On the other hand, due to objective factors, the total number of disabled people in Our country is huge.In China, where the population base is already large, disabled people are scattered in remote rural areas, which leads to poor inventory management and file processing of disabled people in China, adding to the objective difficulties.In addition, China’s lack of comprehensive archives management system to support the rapid development of the cause of the disabled, resulting in management problems emerge in an endless stream, hinder the development of archives management for the disabled, reduce the originality and use of documents for the disabled.Meanwhile, since 2016, China has entered a complete “Internet Plus” era, and information technology has achieved unprecedented development and prosperity.Under the guidance of the new era and new formats, the data processing of the archival processing of the disabled has become a general trend. Facing the current situation of the low level of archival information, the development of archival management information resources has become an urgent problem to be solved [2].Second, the countermeasures to strengthen the management of archives for the disabled when faced with the file management problems of the disabled people, stakeholders need to be very seriously and consider how to deal with it, the author combined with own work experience, thinking about the countermeasures of development of the archives management in new period, it is to pay more attention to work for the disabled, it is related to an important Suggestions on the development of our society.Management and service agencies for persons with disabilities at all levels should be very careful, raise their awareness of service, summarize their daily work in a timely manner and concentrate on solving important tasks.From the point of view of management, obstacles should be removed first, innovation and change should be emphasized in practical work, and new management methods should be developed.Second, to improve the ability, comprehensive assessment of all kinds of disabled personnel personal ability, linked to the national diploma, to become a scientific leader in modern archives processing.Recruit talents, comprehensively strengthen innovative talents, talented and experienced people, combine science with experience, keep pace with The Times, and pay attention to management cultural quality [3].Three is a scientific management system, management system for the disabled shall be drawn up in national and local, establish and improve the relevant rules and regulations, you need to follow some rules to manage the files of the disabled, clear rules in the work management, dynamic management information, from the name, disability categories, level, contact information, bank card account number, home address, etc to carry out the information, and encourage everyone to follow up on a regular basis.Fourth, emphasize computerization.In the information society, it is far from enough to manage the archives of the disabled by manual processing, manual sorting and file auditing. To realize intelligent management and enhance the value of archives, information input needs to be done by computer.At the same time, activating multi-page networks and resource sharing on archival issues such as rehabilitation, medical care, housing, employment and social security can effectively reduce duplication of work.Finally, in addition to the preservation and evaluation of the archives of the disabled, the construction of paper archives and equipment should be strengthened to reduce the damage to the archives caused by external conditions.(1) The importance of archives management for the disabled should be attached great importance.In particular, management and service organizations of persons with disabilities at all levels should pay more attention to archives management, which is an important part of changing the status quo of archives management [4].It is necessary to strengthen the management of the disabled, promote the archives management work in the service institutions, let all staff improve the awareness of archives management, work together with the archives management, report their daily work, provide timely and accurate information about the disabled.At the same time, based on the archives management information of the disabled, seriously into the archives management work, effectively track and understand the disabled, effectively solve the difficulties encountered in the work of the disabled, improve the social security system for the disabled, improve the disabled service system.In addition, to establish a renewed management consciousness, innovation research practical and effective file management methods, and further improve the level of file management.(2) The ability level of archives management personnel needs to be comprehensively improved.We must improve the capacity of archivists for the disabled and conscientiously implement four improvements.First, we need to improve political ethics.As an archival expert, you must respect your position, love your career, respect archives and seek truth from facts regardless of personal interests or losses.Second, to improve professional cultural quality.With the rapid popularization of electronic information, it is necessary to advance with The Times, master the advanced science and technology of electronic information, and manage the archives for the disabled. How to manage the disability certificate today has put forward high cultural quality requirements for the archives professionals.Third, we will improve the function of regulation.The work of the disabled is closely related to the work of other departments. If the disabled receive social assistance, relevant departments are bound to verify and restore the disabled certificate issuing agency [5].Therefore, file managers must provide relevant information together.Fourth, improve physical strength.Archival work is not as easy as people imagine, not only requires mental work, but also physical labor, sufficient energy and healthy body is the necessary premise for disabled archival workers to do a good job in archival information development and intellectual development.(3) The archives management of persons with disabilities shall lay a solid foundation for further optimizing services for persons with disabilities.Strengthening the comprehensive error file management is a complex and systematic work, which tests the diligence and patience of all staff.For the specific work of the disabled, the following five types of archival functions must be properly managed;First, we will improve the basic information files of persons with disabilities.The registration shall include the basic conditions, housing, education, rehabilitation, employment and current enjoyment policies of disabled families.Second, we will improve rehabilitation facilities for persons with disabilities.The rehabilitation platform for persons with disabilities is used to fill in rehabilitation questionnaires, rehabilitation service applications, training plans and training journals, carry out evaluation and summary, and establish rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities.Third, to register the employment needs of disabled persons.Efforts have been made to improve the registration and management of persons with disabilities of working age, and to improve the management of registered unemployed persons and people in financial difficulties, so as to increase the employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for persons with disabilities.For example, targeted training for persons with disabilities in entrepreneurship and work and life has been organized.If a disabled person needs to work, the relevant social service company or employer must be contacted to recommend a job based on the disabled person’s education level and other personal circumstances.Fourth, the establishment of social security target files for the disabled.It is necessary to identify poor families with disabilities, understand their financial status as quickly and accurately as possible, and keep up with changes in time to ensure that families with disabilities are guaranteed.Fifth, do a good job in information file management.The development of electronic lists of persons with disabilities, the implementation of dynamic management of information on persons with disabilities, access to their names, contact details, bank accounts, home addresses and other information, to ensure that all practical projects benefiting persons with disabilities are implemented and easily accessible to the disabled community.(4) Managing the archives of persons with disabilities in a high standard and standardized manner.Disability file is called disability recorder and storage, it puts forward new requirements for archivists who work on archives for the disabled, keep pace with The Times, understand the new trend of archives management, improve quality, standardize archives management, realize the disabled file paperless processing.Learn computer skills, realize the disabled information Internet, as soon as possible combined with the modernization of archives management, for the disabled employment, education and rehabilitation to provide better information services, for the disabled archives management work to solve daily problems.Traditional archival management also provides an extension of archival resources, one is to reduce the size of document processing for people with disabilities.Due to their long shelf life, images in the banned archives have faded and been stolen, making it difficult to preserve the archives completely.Microtechnology, digitaltechnoroGee, computer technology Tensor uses efficient processing to restore images to their original form, providing computers with access to image files, accurate copying and long-term storage.The second is to realize the network management of prohibited documents.The application of voice recognition, fingerprint recognition and password technology in the processing of files of the disabled will continue to deepen, to help them better understand their illness, to help them better employment and rehabilitation.Third: provide intelligent management of banned files.It not only emphasizes the archival value of archives, effectively displays the social function of archival information service and improves the social status of archivists, but also carries out manual processing, manual sorting, consultation and change to archives.5. The comprehensive utilization of archives management for the disabled needs to be further strengthened.We will make good use of archives reasonably and efficiently, establish and improve archives for the disabled, and provide services for them in civil affairs, medical care, employment, housing and support.Banning the use of documents is an important embodiment of the value of document management itself, and also a direct means to realize the value.Realize information resources sharing, do a good job of archives development and utilization, archivists not only have the skills of sorting, collecting, storing and evaluating archives, but also have the ability to edit and search archives, the system service to meet the requirements of the use of archives.It is also necessary to strengthen the construction of archival storage facilities, avoid and reduce the damage caused by external conditions to archives, strengthen archival storage, and make necessary urgency available at any time [6].To sum up, the handling of disabled people’s archives reflects the care and dedication of the Party and the state to the disabled, is closely related to justice and social justice, and it is also an important carrier for operators to provide services for the disabled and other disabled people.To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the disabled and improve the quality of life is the goal of archivists for the disabled.We should attach great importance to this work, raise the awareness of archives management, strengthen the monitoring and management of the archives of the disabled, ensure the safety of the archives of the disabled, and better perform the functions of “representative, service and management”.Management work is the concentrated embodiment of justice and social justice, management departments and managers are the link between the disabled and the country.To do a good job in the management of records for the disabled, managers need to devote themselves to work, constantly self-improvement, advancing with The Times, and better service for the disabled.Reference [1] Li Cuinan.Status quo of archives management for the disabled in the New Era [J]. 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