Cross town!The Medical team from Dalian has eaten some local specialties in Changchun

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At 18:00 on April 7, a special train carrying 750 items of supplies to support Changchun arrived at Changchun Station. To the surprise of the medical team members, they were accompanied by large strawberries, cherries, small tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, bananas, fish sausage, tuna and self-heated rice…We are proud, we are excited!See hometown with a special train sent us so many supplies, we all these days of fatigue suddenly disappeared.The whole medical team was elated and moved by the care and concern of dalian Municipal Party Committee and people.Dalian medical team captain said Mr Big strawberry sweet 20 April 7, this is the taste of home was in preparation for the work of the dalian university affiliated zhongshan hospital emergency ICU nurses johnnie to eat a big fresh strawberry on today’s really meaningful, in changchun eat hometown specialty, receiving the blessings of the players, the first time in my life all forget this special birthday!Johnnie told reporters April 6, 20 to 24 was she to changchun on the evening of the first flight of six patients treated with bed cannot provide for oneself, need high flow oxygen therapy so they except to dispose in accordance with the doctor’s advice and give nursing on the patients life including turn, feeding, cleaning and so on several hours down urine is a little tired,In addition, wearing a protective suit and N95, sometimes I feel anxious when I am busy.However, all this fatigue was “beaten away” by a string of birthday wishes on wechat.Original johnnie 39 years old birthday is on April 7, when she opened for protective clothing phone that moment by dalian medical team in the group of “happy birthday” refresh moved to tears on April 5, 20 of dalian friendship hospital doctor Thomas and Ren Dan enter ward of a 83 – year – old old man ever treated with pulmonary embolism, atrial fibrillation, cerebral infarction, postoperative breast cancer and other chronic diseases hospitalZhang Chunyu and Ren Dan finished their work when they left the ward. They had missed the shuttle bus. They just walked to the hotel.Just remembered, do not know dalian three o ‘clock in the morning street is what appearance.Also at this time, a little miss two children, mother is not around, I do not know whether to listen to grandma and dad.Medical team dalian microcosm left left left dalian reported 750 epidemic prevention goods train on April 7, 9 at originating from dalian station chi to the changchun railway station supplies delivery unit site at full speed of the second affiliated hospital of dalian medical university, director of the medical normal super peng excitedly said we rescue of changchun medical supplies is very shortage, railway department learned that this kind of situation, increase the tra nsport train,We can reach Changchun directly this afternoon, relieving our medical team’s urgent need.I would like to thank the railway department for letting the medical team stay at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic in Changchun.This batch of materials are the medical and daily necessities of the Dalian medical assistance team that arrived in Changchun earlier. In order to carry out the transportation work of this batch of key materials, the passenger transportation and dispatching departments of Shenyang Bureau of China Railway have carefully organized and made careful arrangements to study and formulate special transportation plans to ensure the safe, efficient and orderly transportation organization.Dalian station open the green channel of epidemic prevention material transportation, adjust the train running track, as outbound time ahead of time, communication with the shipped units, determine in advance delivery truck stop time, stay goods location, completes the dedicated channel of patrol assignments, and special hair tra nsport car with cre dalian branch and collaboration, preparing a plan ahead of supplies,Arrange the material tractor driver to prepare for shipment in advance to ensure orderly transportation and quick unloading and loading.In order to overcome the difficulties of insufficient loading and unloading personnel, the Party Committee of Dalian Station organized a 12-member commando team to ensure the timely loading of materials. Yang Xincheng, the chief engineer of Dalian Station, said that the epidemic was a command and prevention and control was a responsibility. The railway department insisted on special cases and made special studies to formulate transportation plans.Special trains were added, express channels were opened, priority was given to the whole process, and special personnel were assigned to ensure the fast and safe delivery of the supplies to Changchun Station.Since April, The Shenyang Bureau of China Railway has delivered 2,059 pieces of epidemic prevention and daily necessities in 14 batches to Changchun, Jilin and Shenyang. So far this year, it has delivered 21,962 pieces of epidemic prevention and daily necessities in 100 batches.Text: Dalian News Media Group reporters Zhang Lixia, Zhao Yunying, Jin Boyuan Photo: Interviewee, Dalian Railway Station Editor: Jin Qiu Art editor: Zhang Qiang Proofread: Wei Hong Editor: Qiu Ju Editor: Li Yuanchen Supervisor: Mu Jun, Song Wei