100 Money Saving Tips (1)

2022-07-11 0 By

I’ve been reading books on money management recently, and I’ve compiled 100 tips for saving money.Put your money in an account with a higher, more stable interest rate.I used to keep yu ‘ebao, but the interest on Yu ‘ebao is getting lower and lower.Now I put part of my money in the Mini Fund of wechat. The 7-day annualized interest rate is 1.726%, while yu ‘ebao is only 1.647%.In this way, I can make a little more interest by putting the money that I don’t need temporarily but can come to the mini fund whenever I need.Two, can buy some time deposit of 30 days or so appropriately this I also is in pay treasure inside operation.There are a lot of relatively stable financial products with an annual interest rate of about 3.1110%. You can buy some appropriately.I bought it like 1000,5000,10000.Some time ago, I bought a product with 100,000 yuan down payment before I prepared to buy a house. The maturity in one month does not affect my delivery and use, and I earned 548 interest.Recently, I’ve noticed that more and more apps require payment, such as those for watching TV.I had a lot of, straightened out after the discovery of common but 1-2, so decisive cancel, so looking at a month a little bit of small money, but accumulated or quite much?When I first came to New Zealand, I signed up for Netflix. Although watching English TV was really beautiful, the cost felt a little chicken, so I cancelled it after one month.At present, I either watch TV series that I downloaded repeatedly, or use free websites in New Zealand. Anyway, all paid video membership cards have been cancelled, which can also urge me to read quietly.Four, the principle of only out, not in, which I shared earlier, is the principle of dream baby about the arrangement of things at home.When I was moving, I realized that there were so many new clothes that I hadn’t worn in the last 3 years that it would be a shame to throw them away, so I made this rule.Make the best of what you have.If it is really needed, and must be needed, first see if there is a substitute, really no, buy, if there is, do not buy decisively.You can also use idle fish to sell your unused items on other second-hand platforms. As long as you can return some money and save space at home, this can also be done.Five, clever use of their frequent supermarket or other stores free membership card this I strongly recommend everyone to sign up.I also have several. For example, WHEN I was in China, I had a Vanguard supermarket gift card, which can be exchanged with points when buying things.As soon as I arrived in New Zealand, I signed up for countdown’s supermarket card, which allowed me to save money both in terms of points for purchases and fuel.I also signed up for LifePharmacy, which gives me $10 back for every $150.I also suggest you sign up for a health 2000 membership card, which will give you a $5 rebate for every $75. Unfortunately, as an employee, we don’t allow you to sign up, but it’s a really good way to save money.But it’s still the same old saying: Eat less, wear less, and be poor if you don’t think about it. It’s also a good idea to accumulate your own money-saving tips and put them into practice.