This car starts punching magotan and kicking Camry?Meet the Honda PI

2022-07-10 0 By

For these models on the market at present, Honda Accord, Volkswagen Magotan, Toyota Camry and other models we are still very familiar with, and these models have maintained good sales output in the market for a long time, and can definitely be called the leader of the B-class car market.And then, of course, there’s the must-mention car, the Dongfeng Honda INSPIRE (now the Invenpie).INSPIRE’s guide prices range from $182,800 to $249,800.INSPIRE 2019’s 260TURBO refined edition has an elegant front, layered grille, single chrome trim and sharp wing headlights for an edgy look.The body lines of this car are smooth and generous, with dimensions of 4910/1862/1450mm, wheelbase of 2830mm, and front and rear tire specifications of 225/50 R17.The INSPIRE has a minimalist feel to the rear of the INSPIRE, with its sharp-looking, ripard-shaped lights that make it even more stylish than its predecessor, the Accord.INSPIRE’s 2019 INSPIRE’s 260TURBO refined edition features a sophisticated interior design, complete with plastic wrap panels that are perfectly designed to INSPIRE b-class luxury and interior texture.The INSPIRE three-spoke steering wheel is made of leather and is all about utility. It comes with a standard 4-way manual steering wheel, a Front driver’s console that’s Japanese, and multiple, sophisticated buttons.In terms of seats, the 2019 version of the 260TURBO refined edition of the country VI seats are wrapped in imitation leather material, very comfortable.The front seats support electric adjustment, the overall seat texture is relatively in place, the driver is also very strong package.The rear row and accord, Camry and other cars at the same level compared to take the rear row space is relatively narrow, at the same time, the car is equipped with air conditioning air outlet, rear head air bag.In terms of power, the 2019 260TURBO refined version of China VI is fully equipped with a 1.5-ton four-cylinder turbocharged engine with maximum power of 194 HP and peak torque of 260N·m, coupled with a CVT continuously variable transmission with an official 0-100km/h acceleration of 9.8 seconds.And its comprehensive fuel consumption is 6L/100km.Honda Espa can be said to be a popular car at the moment, with higher price and more advanced configuration. Overall, it is a product of dislocation competition. If you like this car, you can go to the 4S shop to have a look.