One person, one car, one camera

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To this day, I am still deeply impressed by the popular variety show “Full of Vitality brother” last year, especially the “Big Brother Team” formed by Hu Jun in the show, whose enthusiasm and passion for life make me deeply touched.Inamori Kazuo said, “A person’s youth has nothing to do with age, but depends on his state of mind.”Enthusiasm and passion should not only belong to youth, but come from the heart of the “full of vitality”, why not use their own attitude towards life to express the young never compromise?I am A Cong, a professional photographer and the owner of BYD Yuan Pro.Living in a first-tier city, my left hand is firewood, rice, oil and salt, and my right hand is poetry and distance. I have been exploring how to balance life and dreams.There is no better way than to buy a small car of my own. Without much hesitation, I chose BYD Yuan Pro.Although the price is only 99,800 yuan, the difference in quality of life is huge.Open the yuan Pro, with the “click” of the shutter, I also know their own life.Shamian Street is one of the landmarks for young people in Guangzhou, and is known as “the ninth scene of Yangcheng”.On weekends, there are always lots of young people, old and young, male and female, taking photos and shopping, and you can see the most dynamic side of Guangzhou here.As a photographer, it has become an instinctive habit to record life with a lens. Wherever you go, you like to freeze and seal everything that you think is beautiful.Shamian Street has a variety of architectural styles, and you can see that many young people will match their clothes for a particular building.Fortunately, my “xiao Yuan” seems to be able to blend in with different environments, which may be the Understanding of Chinese people, and the charm of beauty interpretation delivered by the master’s handwriting.The original choice of BYD Yuan Pro is based on this special charm, small and clever body, with BYD’s acclaimed Dragon Face 3.0 design language, all the time can highlight the vitality and publicity of belongs to the young.For instance in front of it “dragon claw” big lamp group and “dragon beard” chromium-plated adornment, it is to belong to the country tide element that young people like not only, and integral harmonious sex is very good also, whole before face looks rich hierarchy, and very delicate.Find a building, park the car casually, freeze frame instantly into a large area.I particularly like the “satchel” of THE BYD Yuan Pro, which I think is a crucial finishing touch for the whole car.Moving some of the design that existed on the hardroad to such a vehicle not only makes the vehicle much more coordinated, but also has a sense of travel.In the usual work busy time, often come off work to see will be in a good mood.Warm heart care, is the best intelligence think what you want, love what you love, this is my understanding of life.Not stiff, not deliberately, the cold machine into a temperature partner, inadvertently will bring a lot of moving.Partners often have more tacit understanding, like Yuan Pro and I, just say “I want to eat Sichuan food”, you can directly find the nearby Sichuan restaurant, save a lot of tedious, make car life easier.In addition to more convenient, more tacit understanding, ritual sense is also an indispensable seasoning of life.Unlocking may be just a small matter, but taking out the key to unlock it is sometimes easy to get people in a hurry. Byd Yuan Pro is equipped with NFC unlocking function for mobile phones, which not only is convenient, but also shows its demand for young people to meet the sense of ritual.After the epidemic, healthy air in cars has gradually become a new trend pursued by young people.Byd Yuan Pro on the one hand closely following the trend, the more important is to consider the user’s health, equipped with remote high temperature sterilization function and N95 class air conditioning filter, let travel a lot of peace of mind.At the same time, it also supports the remote opening of the trunk function, when the need to carry some items, especially in rainy conditions, opening the trunk in advance will always be less awkward.Among many configurations of BYD Yuan Pro, VTOL mobile power station is one that I like very much.Not only can it power many everyday household appliances, such as running a kettle of hot water and making tea, it is sometimes a large “power bank” that young people love.Even though the BYD Yuan Pro is already equipped with a convenient USB charging port and wireless charging pad, finding a quiet place to sit outside in the warm sun, connect to a VTOL mobile power station, and charge my phone while playing games has become one of my ritual pastimes.Yuanqi youth delicate attitude byd Yuan Pro although the body is small, but there is a universe.As a 70,000-class pure electric boutique small SUV with green card, it is a delicate interpretation of the uncompromising life. The rotating central control screen, holographic transparent image, front 2& rear 4 radar, constant temperature air conditioning, panoramic skylight, do not fall.This is an attitude THAT I like very much, small and delicate.The rotating center screen has become one of BYD’s signature features, and it is a design that every Fan will probably love.Not only is it very easy to use and direct, but the rotary design also supports more functions, such as watching some video software will always give you a best look.Although many people feel that the panoramic skylight seems to be just a decoration, but when the sun shines through the mottled tree shadow into the car moment, this kind of warm feeling from the early winter will always touch the bottom of my heart, let the heart is warm.The thermostat is set to remind you of it only when you don’t have it, but the BYD Yuan Pro doesn’t seem to want to give you that chance.Order a cup of coffee, lean beside the car and look up at the distant sky. In Guangzhou this year, winter seems to come early, but my heart is full of expectation and enthusiasm for the future.Although my normal living radius is not large, that is why I chose a pure electric car at the beginning.Byd Yuan Pro plays more of a role in daily life to accompany me on my commute and short weekend trips, but I have no low demand and standard for it, especially in terms of battery life and safety.Byd Yuan Pro is an entry-level pure electric model. In the most important battery technology aspect of electric vehicles, BYD not only adopts BYD blade battery kindly, but also adopts the third generation of intelligent temperature control management system, which can ensure its battery life and provide maximum battery safety.More than battery safety, in a lot of design details, BYD Yuan Pro treat safety is also very rigorous.Byd Yuan Pro although the price is relatively close to the people, but in the safety configuration is not at all “discount”, the whole system of standard tire pressure monitoring, the bearing of a car to the most important part of the greatest safety.Byd yuan Pro will considerate offer some very friendly protection scheme for drivers, such as can record the scenery, can also be left in an emergency the evidence of driving vehicle traveling data recorder, including BOS brake override system, can also minimize the accident probability under panic to drive, this is from byd for safety and caring is rigorous, also let I like.The BYD Yuan Pro offers a range of 401km, which for a daily commute of about 40km, plus an occasional weekend outing, can be recharged roughly once a week, similar to filling up the tank.Plus it’s easy to charge in first-tier cities like Guangzhou, so there’s almost no battery anxiety and the cost is lower.Of course, as a pure electric car, its acceleration performance is generally better than many fuel cars at the same price, as young people always like excitement and enthusiasm more.For example, even though I don’t need a 3-second car, I still hope it can meet my desire and demand for speed when OCCASIONALLY indulging and overtaking. Byd Yuan Pro, with its obvious peak power and peak torque advantages at the same level, can precisely provide a good acceleration.Occasional deep step switch, like some we can laugh in life’s little surprise, don’t need to have all the time, but occasionally a good pleasure can release my current mood, also can always let me stay a young state of life, I think the happiness is very simple, also very pure, I was fascinated.Comprehensive and powerful, this is my evaluation of BYD Yuan Pro product power, this dynamic, delicate, full of ceremonial sense of aura, perfect fit with my demand for a car.What’s more, its car cost is extremely low, especially in first-tier cities like Guangzhou, its travel cost is even comparable to the subway.Such a beautiful, easy to open fun boutique pure electric SUV, I think it is worth sharing with every life loving partner.And as a price of only 798-99,800 yuan boutique A0 pure electric SUV (the latest model in July 2021), for those who have just set up a family partner, is also a very suitable family car.