Activated carbon car air purification has a clever trick

2022-07-10 0 By

After most owners buy a new car, they will find that there is a smell in the car, and after using it for a period of time, the smell will gradually disappear. For the smell in the new car, is there a way to eliminate it?Experts said that the new car in the delivery of use, 4S shop will generally give carbon package, but the absorption surface of the carbon package is still very small.Therefore, the owner should also go to buy more activated carbon, this kind of carbon for the owner is currently the most effective, the safest, but also the easiest way to achieve.Because activated carbon has the characteristics of porosity, formaldehyde and other harmful substances have a strong adsorption effect, the smaller the particle adsorption effect is better.And the use of activated carbon belongs to the physical method, will not produce secondary pollution, owners can rest assured to use.Now a lot of cars outside beauty launch steam sterilization, ion disinfection, photocatalytic disinfection, actually these to purify the car indoor air although have certain help, but I still have some shortcomings, such as steam sterilization, the disinfection way for a long time, and the operation is complicated, the most important thing is to through the dry steam to achieve a goal, and dry steam superheat,Can damage the car’s electronics;While ion disinfection is simple and convenient, but this is a very slow process, and sterilization is not complete.Still have is photocatalyst, this kind of disinfection method needs to be carried out under ultraviolet ray to be able to be effective, and ultraviolet ray has certain harm to human body.In addition, now most cars are equipped with explosion-proof film, this film is to block ultraviolet light, so it will also affect the disinfection effect of photocatalyst.Experts recommend owners friends, after get a new car, is placed in a ventilated safety, four compartments is opened entirely, the door back and place three or four days, and then, but put the active carbon can also put some eliminate peculiar smell in the car plants or pomelo peel and so on, which makes car ventilation for a few days, the smell will be eliminated.