426 wards at the centralized isolation point in Lanling County, Linyi, will soon be turned over for use

2022-07-10 0 By

Centralized quarantine points are a key link in epidemic prevention and control, and an effective means to prevent the spread of the epidemic at its source.The reporter learned from Lanling County of Linyi city that 426 isolation wards and their attached rooms in the first phase of xiaobeishan centralized isolation point in Lanling County are scheduled to be handed over for use before March 31.It is reported that lanling Xiaobeishan centralized isolation point project covers an area of 97.5 mu, a total construction area of 37,868 square meters, a total investment of 157 million yuan, the construction of 1066 isolation wards, 732 supporting rooms and supporting auxiliary facilities.At present, the site has a total of 420 project units involved in the construction of personnel, mechanical equipment 42 sets.By March 27, 80 percent of the first-phase construction of isolation wards and supporting rooms had been completed.Face newspaper melt media reporter Chu Feifei