“The Professional” earned more than 1.6 billion yuan at the box office

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So far, happy twist dark horse’s annual hot style “the killer is not very calm” box office success broke through 1.6 billion, the heat, it is still growing, almost every day can see on each big social platform with related various discussions, like friends, don’t like to have been misleading marketing, all thought it was a rollover work actually otherwise,The humor expression of this film is more grounded than any comedy, which brings the audience a very good watching experience. Anyone with discerning eyes can see it. The director Xing Wenxiong adopts the shooting technique of ‘dislocation’ and ‘parody’.For the film offers a wide range of the punchline wei zifeng played a man calling “wei success” in the cast of the more than 10 years, has always been an unpopular ‘who performed up to embarrassed, very fat, character trait is bright, this is wei zifeng hold very in place, and he can’ wei success on the interpretation of greasy feeling so incisively and vividly but his greasy,Will not cause the audience, it is the later see, the above, many audience have put his exaggerated performance is called ‘ones acting in an accidental opportunity, met Mary play entertainment female star of big shop sign milan, in this way, wei success somehow to milan to accept the offer, and tryPlay a “false killer” but he faces a group of ‘true gangs’ when he with yakuza embroiled in the process of always think gang wei success is in the violent wind play with him, except yourself, others are all in a supporting role, there is identity, he didn’t even notice his already in the danger,Still solemnly improvisation lead to unpredictable gang eldest brother from the beginning to the end of his true identity, but milan compared to the director of a misfit miller wei success is nervous, afraid of wei success down acting gang eldest brother was, fortunately, wei success is not in the CARDS, every moment, can always use the routine thinking and powerful aura to subdue all see gang eldest brother,By wei gradually success belt running deviation, think he is the legendary ‘killer Carl of fear, also with a touch of respect, the wei and the success of the crowd behavior as enigmatic character, played the role of each has certain truth, played a vital role in the plot to promote it is because of this, create a lot of breathtaking drama conflict,Is the punchline, at the time of wei success improvisation, pay tribute to a lot of classic movies, for example “pulp fiction” the godfather “singin ‘in the” the killer is not too cold “four the famous scene in the movie, can be found in the film tribute drama in addition, in lines and environmental arrangement also has the very good reflected, only to watch film,To find these hidden eggs, of course, the relaxation performances, the actors for the joke of a major comedy painted, besides wei zifeng, comedy queen Mary’s performance as well as to the audience left a deep impression is the level of outstanding appearance, character distinct joke she, although the main story film with wei success, in turn,But whenever Mary appeared in front of the camera, as milan will hold the audience’s attention, mastery of some details are in place, put some sounds simple lines become very interesting at first listen to feel nothing, but potentially very big, said wei zifeng the successful ones, but wei zifeng succeed without Mary blessings, if there is no Mary,The “the killer is not very calm” is still a hot style, but don’t cut in so much hot, you know, more than sixty percent of the audience, is Mary’s performance Ma Licai to see the film, did not disappoint like her audience, also has brought a lot of unexpected surprises for milan, the role is not exaggeration,And distasteful, it is the image of a sinister, but the audience to milan is not hate, in the output of solemnity, also with a ridiculous no wonder there are so many people all like Mary performances, like what it is, points minutes to bring the audience into the story, ‘in stitches are used to describe the perfect, not with Shen Teng box appears,Can take out the best in themselves play and advantages of the modern drama actor, all unreservedly to show out in the violent wind play with taka a success, the more serious of milan, the audience can poke in the screen of the punchline, the strong sense of contrast, throughout all the comedian, is Mary a person can reach the height, in do Gu Ling, Zhang Xiaofei,Interpretation is not necessarily like Mary, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people at the end of the reverse, Mary blended in a lot of emotional expression, smile after, will let the audience the role of strong resonance in situation, again with strength, maxed friends circle, circle powder innumerable, in short, wei zifeng, Mary, is the film’s biggest hotspot, both funny and touching,Do you have any different ideas after reading it?Remember to share, collect, forward, one key three connect!