“I’m fine in Anhui.” His wife and children come to reunite to protect safety

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“Safety issues cannot be ignored during the holidays. This year, I still live in Sui Xi.”On January 25, Liu Teng, who had just returned from an inspection of Suixi old community reconstruction project in Huaibei City, told reporters.It was the second time for Liu Teng, the project’s safety director, to spend the Spring Festival in Front of the renovation site of sui Xi old housing estate.Liu Teng, 29, a native of Huanggang, Hubei Province, moved to sui Xi’s renovation project in November 2020.During the Spring Festival, although the site holiday, but also need people on duty.Liu did not hesitate to sign up.The project rents an office building in Sui Xi county, but Mr Liu spends more time in Front of construction sites.”We have 28 plots in Sui Xi to reform and have completed more than 10 plots in 2021 and are awaiting acceptance.”Liu Teng introduced.His daily work is in each site inspection, check hidden dangers, to ensure safety.Reporters learned that in order to do a good job during the Spring Festival security issues, as a security director, Liu Teng and his colleagues on all the reconstruction of the area was carefully divided, clear their responsibilities.”The reconstruction of old residential areas is special, and the construction location is at the doorstep of residents.During the Spring Festival, we will carry out inspections every day to timely help residents solve all kinds of inconvenience caused by the renovation.When residents find problems, they will contact us at any time, and the workers left on the site will rectify them immediately.”Due to his busy work schedule, Liu rarely goes back to his hometown in hubei Province.His wife and three-year-old son live in their hometown for a long time.For the family reunion, a few days ago, the wife took the children to the project department by train, ready to spend the Spring Festival with her husband.”My family are very understanding and supportive of my work.After arriving in Sui Xi, life in Front of her became accustomed.I recently swam sui Xi ancient Town!”Liu Teng said.Thousands of mountains and rivers are separated by constant yearning for hometown and relatives.Liu teng is filled with guilt at the mention of his elderly parents.”I’m thinking of sending some sui Xi specialties to the old man these days.When the New Year’s bell rings, I will contact them by video phone to send New Year’s greetings to them as soon as possible and tell them that their son who is away misses them!”Liu Teng said.Liu teng told reporters that his wife brought a lot of preserved meat from their hometown.The New Year’s Eve dinner is prepared to be eaten with more than 20 colleagues left behind at the construction site, “both Hubei food, also anhui food!”To Liu Teng, the three members of his family gathered in Front of the construction site in Sui Xi to celebrate sui Bei’s Spring Festival. “It must have been a busy Spring Festival, but I feel proud to ensure that the residents have a peaceful Year!”Source: Anhui Daily reporter: Ding Xianfei Tian Ying Gang