“Cognitive awakening” : middle-aged people live well, the key to do this

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There is a post on Zhihu: Women over 35 are considered too old to find a job. What do you think?This question has become commonplace in recent years, leading to the emergence of age-related buzzwords such as midlife crisis and midlife anxiety.Wang Xiaobo once said: all the pain of people, in essence, are the anger of their own incompetence.The root of anxiety is that our desires are greater than our abilities, and the greater the gap between the two, the greater the anxiety.In Cognitive Awakening, Zhou Ling concludes that anxiety comes down to two things: the desire to do many things at once and the desire to see results at once.Just like many people learning English, insist on two or three months, or even longer, see the effect will give up.Always guilty of “trying to do too many things at once;Refuge is easy, think how hard to immediately see the effect of the low-level error.Patience is the most effective antidote to this problem.By patience, I don’t mean waiting without deadlines. I mean knowing how things work and learning to delay gratification.Again, take learning English as an example.Here’s a concept: the compound interest curve.This is not a new concept, and I believe many of you have heard of it. Here is a brief introduction: When we learn new knowledge, we always find that the growth is very slow in the early stage. When we reach a certain inflection point, a qualitative leap will occur.In the process of learning English, there are some people who insist on it for a long time, suddenly find that they can not understand the original parts of the world.This is when the inflection point has been reached and a qualitative improvement has occurred.When we realize the inner order of things, what we need most is persistence and patience.Zhou Ling said: he who has patience gains the world.Do you agree with this statement?Author Zhou Ling gives many new knowledge in “Cognitive Awakening”, for example: human triple brain, aiming to tell us how to mobilize cognition by introducing the development and law of triple brain.For example, it introduces the internal rules of development and learning tools and methods.Now you love to learn, I hope you read with me.I am @Shuhai, a multi-platform we-media book reviewer and lifelong reading enthusiast. Follow me for continuous updates.