“Safety Woman” at urban Rail Crossings

2022-07-08 0 By

Xining, Xinhua News Agency, February 2(Xinhua) Yang Yanfang rubbed her neck and got up to move as the wind whooshed through the tin-panelled house.Yan-fang Yang, 30, this year is the Chinese railway qinghai-tibet corporation xining Labour wu paragraph a crossing work, “we are keepers of railway crossing on the railroad, although in recent years most of the crossing through reforming have banned this type of work, but there are some regional need human guards, we have 8 from crossing section tube need people to unattended.”Yang Yanfang said.Even during the Spring Festival, hundreds of cars pass through the crossing every day.”We have a logistics center here. There are many people and many cars, and many trains pass through the crossing. At most, more than 50 trains pass through the crossing a day.So keep an eye on it to avoid safety incidents.”Zhang Weihong, a crossing worker at the same crossing with Yang Yanhong, said that the traffic here is especially busy from 10 am to 4 PM every day, and traffic jams often occur. When the traffic jams are serious, motor vehicles waiting for passage can be formed in a queue of nearly 100 meters on both sides of the crossing.In the face of this situation, the crossing workers on duty should not only monitor the train operation at any time, close the crossing gate in time, ensure the safety of the train operation and the safety of people’s lives and property, but also assume the responsibility of dredging and directing the vehicle traffic after the train passes.”Directing traffic every day makes me feel like a traffic policeman.”Zhang Weihong said with a smile.A small desk, an oven for heating, a microwave, a telephone and an online computer to monitor the crossing are standard fixtures in every crossing duty room.Yang Yanfang said: “These electronic equipment greatly improve the safety card control ability, but the alarm device will also have failure ‘strike’ time, so we can not take it lightly.”While talking, the phone rang: “46015 train, xiaoqiao station departure.”Then, the locomotive driver controlled the train through the intercom, and Yang Yanfang replied fluently: “Train no. 46015, the crossing equipment at K2+ 908M of northern Line is normal.”He turned and picked up the red and yellow flags hanging on the wall and walked out of the duty room.Yan-fang Yang go out, be outdoor wind blew a jiling, not far from a “vie” full packaging carton jogged in the crossroads, she trotted quickly in the past, while around, side to hold the cartons, “in order to guarantee quick in traffic crossing, cart goods is not what, I even overtake the dog.”Yang Yanfang transferred to the crossing work area in January 2020. From a route worker to a crossing worker, Yang Yanfang’s work has become more monotonous and boring. The day shift and night shift go round and round.Yang Yanfang said that the night shift was so sleepy that she jumped at the door. “Keeping awake is also the premise of our work.”With the sound of “ding dang, ding dang”, the crossing gate slowly closed, Yang Yanfang stood in the yellow safety area, watching the direction of the coming train, raising the flag, watching the train pass safely.(Source: Xinhua)