Ningwu County 17th people’s Congress of the second meeting held a preparatory meeting

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At 4 PM on February 10, the second session of the 17th Ningwu County People’s Congress held a preparatory meeting.Hou Junsheng, secretary of the County Party Committee, Gao Jianwen, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and head of the county attended the meeting.County party committee standing committee, discipline inspection commission secretary, supervision Commission director Zhang Yongming announced the general assembly discipline.Su Supan, deputy director of the standing Committee of the county people’s Congress chaired the meeting.167 delegates were due and 158 were present, meeting the quorum.The meeting elected the presidium and secretary general of the second session of the 17th People’s Congress of Ningwu County;The agenda of the meeting, the list of the Bill Review Committee and the list of the plan and Budget Review Committee were approved by vote.It announced the division of delegations, the list of heads of delegation and deputy heads of delegation, the scope of participants and the rules of the conference.(Jia Zhiyong Gong Zhifang Zhu Fang) Editor: Wu Guangyu Review: Du Zhendong Ningwu Hello welcome New Year please pay attention to Ningwu Rong Media Center