Lexus LX570, non-load body, the last generation of large displacement spontaneous combustion aspirated V8 engine

2022-07-08 0 By

The lexus LX570, Japan’s most premium and luxurious full-size suv, created a lot of magic in those last two.Three years ago, Lexus LX570 was only sold to about 1.5 million yuan. With the production cessation of the Fifth National Day, the last batch of Lexus LX570 was sold to 200+, and the sixth National Day Lexus LX570 is creating a new high.Powered by a 5.7LV8 spontaneous combustion aspirated engine, 8-speed hand self-integrated electronically controlled automatic transmission system, the non-bearing body is an all-round interpretation of outdoor off-road.As a high-end brand, Toyota’s interiors lexus LX570 again made a proof, large interior collocation of semi aniline ultra supple leather, original design makes the second row seat only need easily pull (pull rod can easily accept discount in one hand, the third row two sections of electric folding chairs, accomplish a diverse array of interior configuration to the owner a swing.Surround 19 speakers, patented 7.1 channel, also supports 5.1 channel Dolby surround sound, impressive audio-visual mark Levinson sound and more.Now, as the Middle East version of the current car released in large numbers, the price has taken the elevator down, has come to the price of 1.8 million, compared with February drop of more than 20%.There should be room if we can wait for the price, but the old 5.7-combust-aspirated V8 may be forced to stop, and who knows what the future holds, as cars are always bought early and bought early.