Harland’s future is clear, Neymar Messi is untouchable and a move to Greater Paris is out of the question?

2022-07-08 0 By

According to Babo Sports (big Five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) :Paris saint germain and had her relationship is very complicated, mainly had palin has always been ambiguous between real Madrid and, had she left Paris st germain also want to find a suitable replacement, harland is the right choice, but if the objective analysis, the possibility of his to join Paris st germain or not.Even had she has left the team, but the team within internal omar and messi’s status is unshakable, according to the performance of the two players now and they state, in the next five years they won’t have too big change, harland if choose to join the team at this time, for his career planning and development doesn’t have any benefits.According to Babo Sports (big Five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) :Harland and had palin is not the same, though they have great potential, also have good data, but they are in the same situation is not in the national team, landry in the Norway national team in the European cup and World Cup is not much competitive advantage, by contrast, the page of the French national team will have more competitive advantage,It also helped him in his quest for personal glory.Harland if you want more than Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo, must be improved on the club’s achievement, so at the beginning to join borussia Dortmund, there are very clear about his own career planning, real Madrid and Barcelona might be a better choice Barcelona’s current economic situation is not very good, finance is also a big problem,Even if they were able to meet the player’s salary demands, there was no way to match him with a squad of their own in this future planning.According to Mr Gbagbo sports (five league and the champions league and World Cup, etc.) data show: do have more advantages compared with real Madrid, but they are clearly expressed to had her attention, so the core of the future will surely be had peja, even harland to join him, also can become the supporting role of palin.For Harland, he also has a long-term view of his career, and Manchester City and Bayern Munich in the Premier League are good options.According to Babo Sports (big Five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) :Barcelona cannot complete its reconstruction plan due to the financial impact, the future is really unknown, Real Madrid also has their favorite players, Manchester City and Bayern Munich are the most competitive clubs in the whole European football, the team line-up is also top.Therefore, joining the league can also directly compete for the league championship or the Champions League, which is also conducive to his career development and planning. In contrast, the English Premier League or the German Bundesliga seems to be a better choice.