Director Woody Allen lost his $80 million contract and his new movie took a huge hit

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Famous director, 86-year-old Woody.Woody Allen has finally gone cold!After losing an $80 million film partnership, rifkin’s Film Festival flopped at the box office, taking in just $24,000 in its opening weekend, the lowest of its 60-year career.Scarlett in one hand.Johnson’s erstwhile boss is finally learning the hard way about the ME TOO movement.The woody Allen controversy has never been over, but the marriage of His asian-american adopted daughter, Song Yi, who has a 35-year age gap, is beyond ordinary people’s comprehension.His relationship with his other daughter, Dylan, propelled him to the fringes of the entertainment industry.Soon-yi was originally cast by actress Mia.Farrow and her husband adopted, and Farrow remarried, Woody.Alan naturally became his adoptive father.Instead of applauding woody and Soon-Yi for their courage, they were overshadowed by their close proximity and marital infidelity.Woody Allen’s other daughter Dylan, also adopted by Mia, had a less beautiful relationship with her adoptive father.Dylan’s public complaints never stopped. She was abused and touched by her adoptive father at age 7.But she’s not a big deal, Woody.Allen’s career was at its peak, with status and connections, and his popularity was repeatedly deflated.Plus the family mess, the kinsmen and the fans, to Woody.It was no surprise that Allen’s negative image dragged on for years.It was not until the rise of the ME TOO movement that people paid more attention to women’s rights that Dylan had more opportunities to speak out and be believed by more people.As the time front pulled very long, the public began to doubt, what hatred what hatred, must dishonor their adoptive father?With such questions and Woody’s sophistry, the wind turned.Dylan has no real evidence, but his increasingly gaunt state may tell you something.In addition, Woody’s rare response was more of a tacit admission.I believe she thinks it.(I believe she thinks so.)”Dylan’s a good kid. She doesn’t make things up. She doesn’t lie.I believe that in her mind it did happen.”Woody’s response is very indirect. It’s like, “If she wants to feel that way, I can’t help it.”From another point of view, the absurdity and misunderstanding in Woody’s words could be attributed to their different moral standards.After all, it is the man who took cool photos of Song Yi at home during their marriage, and his wife Farrow only realized it after their divorce.Did he take some inappropriate behavior for granted?It’s because oral testimony can’t be used as evidence, only pressure from the press, that Woody got away with so many years and so many resources.Woody is lucky not to have been thrown out of the entertainment industry as Harvey did.But luck doesn’t last forever, and as more and more stars distanced themselves from Woody, his days were numbered.Kate Winslet openly regrets working with someone like Woody, and definitely takes sides.Foreign media spotted the wind, invited Dylan to do a documentary interview, public details.Even Johnny Depp was fired from the show when he lost his ex-wife’s reputation lawsuit. Woody, losing millions of dollars makes sense.It’s just that Woody is not a star, so he has different standards for the people who work behind the scenes.But the impact of being abandoned by capital is becoming more and more obvious. No money means no budget.It has a bad reputation, and the industry wants to support it, but it doesn’t have enough power, so theaters are limited.The film opened in only 26 theaters in North America, so a disappointing box office performance was inevitable.Woody’s films, on the other hand, are not visual blockbusters; they lack appeal in their own right, and they lack a leading cast with box-office appeal.In the relationship between men and women, which is constantly discussed, there are three views that are not quite right.The new film rifkin’s Film Festival, for example, tells the story of a couple who both have affairs.Woody’s style does not break through, but he also invests a lot of personal color vision, if it is not true love, it is easy to appear aesthetic fatigue.Extramarital affair and love confusion, desire and reality hypocritical, has not quite in line with modern aesthetic, at least some views are not “correct”.Woody Allen’s “cool” is the inverse effect of self-appreciation and the advance of the market, but also the constant fermentation of his private life after the fire.At the same time, the atmosphere is more open and strict, and only by staying clean can we go further.