Baishazhou Street, Wuchang: “Cloud performance” lets residents enjoy a cultural feast at home

2022-07-08 0 By

Of chaste tree hunan (hubei daily network) – (reporter li yan Correspondent Cao Liqian) in the normalized prevention and control of epidemic situation, to create a happy and peaceful New Year atmosphere, further enrich the spiritual and cultural life, the broad masses, pak sha chau street star garden community organizations of wuchang district jurisdiction of literature and art lovers, brought a special line for residents to meet the New Year party,Share the joy of Spring Festival with the audience.Dance “Auspicious ankang”.Correspondent for the picture “blah blah blah!A: hey!…”Accompanied by melodious music, the aunts with an average age of 55 came to the center of the stage with cheerful steps. Wearing Tibetan costumes, they brought the dance “Auspicious and Healthy”, which let us enjoy the thick Tibetan customs.Tai Chi performance “Wudang Nine style” fully shows the style of self-cultivation and physical fitness;Feel the unique charm of folk music in playing “Little Bamboo Row” with guzheng;Soft power ball “Flower season rainy Season” with soft to overcome the tough, with skillful attack savage, reflects the extensive and profound “tai Chi” culture of the Chinese nation……The gala program was wonderful and varied in form.Although there was no audience, it did not affect the enthusiasm of the performers.”Residents will be able to watch our show online this year and we will do our best to bring the best to everyone.”Chen Meiying, who just recorded tai Chi, said she was excited to participate in online programming for the first time at the age of 80.The guzheng plays “Little Bamboo Raft”.Correspondent Chen Weiping, secretary of the Party Committee of Ftuxingyuan community, said that the community held the “cloud performance” activity is the first time for the community to “test the water”, under the condition that the epidemic prevention is not relaxed and the flavor of the New Year is not discounted, so that residents can enjoy the entertainment feast through mobile phones, to appreciate the unique charm of traditional Chinese Musical Instruments.Later, the community will also consider carrying out activities in this way, so that residents can feel the festive atmosphere.It is reported that the activity invited a total of 70 art lovers to participate in the whole process by recording online, show the “Tiger Spring Festival together spectrum new chapter” series of activity works.Later, the community will push the clips to residents through the grid group.Community workers pasted couplets for residents.In addition to online performances, the community also actively carried out offline visits and condolence activities to send Spring Festival blessings to residents in the cold winter.Accompanied by community workers, Wang Xinge, deputy of the District people’s Congress and chairman and general manager of Wuhan Changjiang Sha ‘ou Vegetable Oil Co., LTD., visited grandma Wen, who was 99 years old, with consolation articles, New Year’s couplets and the Chinese character “fu”.At Grandma Wen’s home, Wang Xinge asked her about her recent health and family situation, urging the community to take good care of the elderly party members in need and give them more attention and care, so that they can live a happy life and enjoy their old age.According to statistics, the total number of visits to the district of 16 elderly, empty nesters and poor families, for them to send New Year’s greetings.