Time sure!Notice of zhejiang Public Institution Unified examination in 2022 is announced

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Recently, Zhejiang Personnel Examination website has issued a notice on providing the examination service for public recruitment personnel in public institutions in 2022.The written test of public subjects will be held on May 29. The specific test time and subjects are as follows: 9:00 am — 10:00 am — 12:00 Occupational Aptitude Test and Comprehensive Application Ability. At present, epidemic prevention and control has entered the normal stage, and the prevention and control requirements cannot be relaxed.This year, the recruitment of two subjects of the public institutions examination time is still continuous, the test questions for a question.Among them, “Occupational Aptitude Test” for objective questions, “comprehensive application ability” for subjective questions, full marks of 100.The structured interview will be arranged on June 25th.The specific arrangement is: the unified start at 8:30 am, the start time shall not be earlier or later.There are 3 questions in the interview, and each candidate has 15 minutes to think and answer.The interview should be completed within one day.First, the written subject “Vocational Aptitude Test” is an objective question, and the time limit is 60 minutes;”Comprehensive Application Ability” is a subjective question with a time limit of 120 minutes.The full score for both subjects is 100.(1) “Vocational Aptitude Test” mainly measures the potential of the examinees to engage in the work of institutions.The content of the survey includes five parts: verbal comprehension and expression, quantitative relationship, judgment and reasoning, data analysis and common sense judgment.1. Speech comprehension and expression mainly measures the language use ability of the examinees, including the accurate recognition, understanding and use of words and expressions;Judge sentences correctly from grammar, mood, semantics, etc.Summarize the main idea of the passage.Infer the information implied in the passage;Accurately understand complex ideas or concepts, and accurately judge and understand the author’s attitude, intention, tendency, purpose, etc.2. Quantitative relationship mainly tests the ability to understand the basic quantitative relationship, mathematical operation ability, and the ability to judge and identify the order or rules of the number arrangement.3. Judgment reasoning mainly tests the ability to analyze and reason the objective things and their relations, including the understanding, comparison, judgment, deduction, induction and synthesis of words, figures, concepts, short articles and other materials.4. Data analysis mainly measures the ability of examination personnel to correctly understand, analyze, calculate, compare and process various forms of statistical data (including text, graph and form, etc.).5. Common sense judgment mainly measures the ability to grasp and use knowledge of politics, current affairs, national conditions, provincial conditions, law, economy, science and technology, history, humanities and so on.(2) Comprehensive Application Ability mainly measures the examinees’ reading comprehension ability, induction and generalization ability, logical thinking ability, comprehensive analysis ability, problem solving ability and comprehensive writing ability, etc.Examination questions include case (material) analysis questions, discussion evaluation questions, reading and correcting errors, material composition questions, etc.Each test is selected from a combination of the above questions.Candidates are required to fill in “Name” and “Admission Ticket Number” in the designated position on the answer sheet (paper) with a black pen or black pencil.(a) “occupational aptitude test” examination personnel must use 2B pencil on the answer sheet to answer, answer on the question book or other places are invalid.(2) “Comprehensive Application Ability” examination personnel must use black ink pen in the special answer sheet designated question number in the designated position, the answer with pencil or in the non-designated position is invalid.Correction fluid is not allowed.