Wuhan University MEM Business Financial Data Analysis Engineering Management Master Lin Chen accompany you to the postgraduate entrance examination

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The MEM program of Wuhan University is introduced: wuhan University: 985/211/ Double First-class: 2019: Wuhan University:In 2023, Wuhan University MEM registration requirements: more than 3 years of work experience after graduation from the university (undergraduate graduation to the entrance, the same below);Or the personnel who have graduated from higher vocational colleges recognized by the state or who have met the relevant academic requirements of the recruitment units after completing their undergraduate courses, and who have achieved the same educational level as university graduates and have more than 5 years of work experience;Or at least 2 years of working experience after obtaining a master’s degree or doctor’s degree.A, have A state-recognized university degree (including adult education degree, including bachelor’s degree), more than three years (including three years) of work experience after graduation (bachelor’s degree before September 1, 2020);B. Master’s or Doctor’s degree (excluding bachelor’s double degree), and at least two years (including two years) working experience (degree certificate obtained before September 1, 2021);C, national recognized college degree, more than five years (including five years) of work experience after graduation (graduation certificate before September 1, 2018).Supplement: Chinese students’ academic degrees must be available on the Internet. In addition to the time of academic degree, overseas students must have the certificate of overseas students’ staying service. Otherwise, they are not qualified for the examination.MEM registration process of Wuhan University 1. Preliminary examination registration includes two stages: online registration and online confirmation.Please select “part-time” or “directed” in the category of online registration.Subjects of the unified management examination organized by the Ministry of Education: English (full score: 100 points), comprehensive ability of the Unified management examination (full score: 200 points).Registration time: October 2022;Time of confirmation: November 2022;Test time: December 2022, subject to the requirements of the Ministry of Education.3. Time and content of the retest: Time of the retest: Candidates who have taken the joint management examination and achieved the score independently designated by Wuhan University will take the retest according to the requirements of the corresponding retest rules.The second interview will be held from March to April every year.Political interview: one to one between the examiner and the examinee, that is, the examiner asks questions and the examinee answers. The interview will last no more than 3 minutes.② English interview: the examiner and the examinee “one to one” method, examinee to introduce themselves in English, the interview time is not more than 2 minutes.③ Comprehensive interview: MEM takes the form of “group to individual” between examiners and examinees, focusing on the examinee’s basic knowledge, organization and leadership ability, teamwork ability, etc., and each group management comprehensive interview lasts about 15 minutes.Total SCORE of MEM =[(Comprehensive management of preliminary test + Foreign language score of preliminary test) ÷3]×60%+ comprehensive interview ×20%+ background assessment ×10%+ political interview ×5%+ English interview ×5%4.Admission Analysis (1) In 2021, WUHAN University MEM score: 175/90/45, minimum admission score: 176, 65 candidates for reinterview and 50 candidates for admission.(2) 2020 MEM score of Wuhan University: 195/100/50, minimum admission score: 195, 60 candidates for reinterview and 50 candidates for admission.I am Lin Chen, the tutor of MBA MEM MPA EMBA MPACC, who will accompany you to take the postgraduate entrance examination. I will accompany 1,000 students every year for MBA MEM MPA EMBA MPACC of ideal universities in 2022.Let’s keep going.