Who is the savior?

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In the TV series The Way of Heaven, the villagers of Wangmiao village and audiophones, as well as Ouyang Xue, all respectfully call Ding Yuanying “Ding Ge”, because they all count on him to make them rich.Especially those three audiophones, simply regard Ding Yuanying as the god of wealth, and for his metrical poetry company, dry in full gear, busy.But in the end three people only Feng Shijie got a little result, Ye Xiaoming is a basket of water in vain, busy for a few years;The worst was Liu Bing, who finally committed suicide by jumping off a building.He became a man at the bottom of a well who peered over the edge and fell down, mentally ill.How did he get so screwed up?Because he couldn’t get over it, couldn’t accept the fate of failure.Especially when he said at the end, “Ding Yuanying, you can cheat too!”This shows that he cares too much about Ding Yuanying, even put his wealth and life on him, eager to Ding lead him to get out of the bottom of the well, change his fate, become a person, live a natural and happy life like them.Ding reminded him in their last conversation, “You can go anywhere;You can’t. It doesn’t matter where you go.”He was given the secret file with special instructions: “Remember, this should only be used for job security, never to threaten people.”However, this Liu Bing is really no good.When the first leg got the portfolio, the second leg threatened Ouyang Xue with it as a bargaining chip and asked for the equity. Ding yuanying’s warning to him really went in one ear and out the other.However, this little trick can hide has been in the market in the Ouyang Snow roll?She slammed the table against Liu and said, “I put chaos on the table. I didn’t see any file.”When Liu Bing couldn’t wait to open the file bag of that moment, he was dumbfounded: what is the secret agreement between metrical poetry and le Sheng?It’s just a pile of white paper.At this moment, his psychological defense completely collapsed, he felt that he was a clown laughed at by everyone, he could not go back, the door of hell immediately opened to Liu Bing!Liu Bing’s death is no accident!His cause of death was threefold: first, greed. His great desire made him lose his reason. To pursue things far beyond the scope of cognition and ability was bound to be a moth to the fire and to destruction.There are too many tragedies in the world. If one’s ability does not match his dream, he should devote himself to practice, rather than go his own way, which is bound to go to extremes.The second day he overreached himself. Lao Tzu said, “It’s important to know yourself.”Liu Bing is a typical negative textbook, meet high people, do not know how to cherish, but play smart, and finally end up so dead do not know the end.Contrary with him, although Ye Xiaoming also plays clever, but have self-knowledge, know each other’s interests, timely out, fortunately, finally saved the principal, whole body and retreat.Three yue do not understand the rules, do investment business is about to wish to bet to concede defeat, the stock is oneself retreat, no one forces him again, Xiao Yawen also kindly returned the capital stock, do this point also calculate benevolence and justice.Liu Bing pour good, even still rely on not to go, thinking of their qualifications, continue to stay in the company to work, want to wait for the company if up to do a good veteran, share a piece of the soup.This is a classic case of opportunistic, unearned gain, not wanting to take any risks, and wanting to touch any benefits.As the saying goes: love is not long, hui extremely will hurt!A person in the market just want to get don’t want to pay, will be eliminated by the market, even destruction!Like Cao Xueqin evaluation Wang Xifeng said: the organs calculated too clever, anti calculate qingqing life!Ding yuanying said: “Why is China poor?Poor is poor in naive thinking, poor in the expectation of the savior, the expectation of salvation in the culture.The traditional concept of the knot is a “rely” on the word, rely on parents at home, go out to rely on friends, rely on God, bodhisattva, rely on the emperor……Whatever it is, just don’t do it on your own.This is a problem of cultural attributes that has been deposited for thousands of years, and it takes only a few new cultural movements to realize it.”And Liu Bing is a typical representative of this naive thinking!It also reminds us that we should never rely on others or put all our eggs in one basket on them.There is no such thing as a free lunch.There is no such thing as love or hatred without any reason or cause. All behavior in the adult world is equivalent exchange.If you treat others as saviors, they will only try to get value from you, be your Lord and save their world!Because in this world, apart from your parents, there is really no one who really wants you well, even brothers and sisters can turn against each other, how many people die of sibling cannibalism?How many relatives are facing each other in court over a property dispute?Even your parents can’t think of everything for you. Nothing is perfect in this world.Everything is caused by human nature, human nature is often ugly in the face of interests, because human nature is always selfish and greedy, this is written in our genes of the program, is never able to change the fact.In this regard, we should respect humanity and not do anything against humanity.Humanity is the way of heaven, humanity is the truth.Just because of this law of human nature, except for parents, all relationships are basically naked interests.The same is true in the Way of heaven.”The Way of Heaven” in the characters are basically ordinary people, small people, looking for Ding Yuanying is to profit.Even Rui xiaodan regards him as a life coach, hoping ding can take her out of the crossroads of life and write a myth in Wangmiao village as a gift to him.The final outcome we all know, a group of people succeeded, a group of people failed, and a group of people pay the price of blood, the biggest winner became Ding Yuanying.It is not that he is selfish, but the way of Heaven.”Whatever you do, the market is not an infinite cake,” ding said.The essence of the myth is the powerful action of killing the rich and helping the poor.The sound market was saturated, and the only way to lift the people of Wangmiao out of poverty was to take a share from those with vested interests, which meant killing the rich and helping the poor.As the chief designer of poverty alleviation in Wangmiao Village, what Ding has to do is to lead the villagers to participate in the market competition between Le Sheng Company and fight his way out in the cruel competition, so as to find a way out for Wangmiao Village and enthusiasts.In this cruel market competition, in the crowd of the charge, will inevitably produce different outcomes because of individual cognitive ability, different fate.At the end of the day, someone will win and someone will lose, someone will get the result, someone will not get the result.Some people get a big cake, some get a small cake, some get nothing, and some even lose their lives.Apologize when xiao-ming ye and OuYangXue to shenzhen headquarters in SAN sum failed, three men decided to in the ear of rapid withdrawal, while leaving the poetry company, shi-jie feng in the end, made a stunning move, for the king temple village villagers he shouldered all the debts, don’t, all his investment fund to sell 24000 yuan to keep production base in the village,And Xiao Yawen, Ouyang Xue together, with Ding Yuanying advance and retreat, together to protect the company.Unexpectedly, in the end, Ge Lishi won the lawsuit with Le Sheng, and successfully won the reputation and wealth of the market. This big money is really live for them to earn, and ye Liu and ye Liu deserve to earn no money.As the chief designer, chief trader Ding Yuanying is also the biggest winner, which is decided by his cognition, ability, position and pattern.This also tells us: wealth is the realization of cognition, cognition determines destiny.And the biggest cognitive object is oneself, know oneself who is, what oneself can do, cannot do?Is the most important purpose.No matter how nice others are to you, they can only show you the way and give you a ride at most. In the end, you have to walk on your own. How you walk depends on your cultivation and nature.Just as the saying goes: the master takes the door to cultivate himself.Who is the savior?”The way of Heaven” this TV play tells us: the way of heaven is human nature, no one will casually help you!The true savior is yourself, and you alone are your own savior.Only their own cognition, ability is the fundamental bargaining chip to determine their own destiny to change the fate of a person only to improve their own cognition and ability is the fundamental way to change the fate.After all, only you can save yourself!As the Internationale goes, “There is no savior and no immortal emperor. To create human happiness, it is up to us!”