To shoulder the mission of fighting the epidemic bravely shows the responsibility of central enterprises

2022-07-06 0 By

On January 17, Xi ‘an city entered the final stage of tackling the epidemic.In order to accelerate the standardized and orderly unsealing of regions and communities that meet the requirements for unsealing, the Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone urgently recruited volunteers from Xi ‘an Research Institute.After receiving the notice, Xi ‘an Research Institute responded to the call and acted quickly. Seven volunteers were immediately dispatched to the headquarters overnight and actively participated in answering the citizen hotline.From January 17 to 24, they worked continuously for 13 hours a day, answering the public hotline for an average of more than 400 minutes a day, patiently explaining the policies of quarantine control, transport, departure and return to Xi ‘an, and control levels.”Hello, this is the High-tech Zone epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters,” they say hundreds of times a day, explaining the same policy over and over to everyone who calls the hotline.In numerous epidemic prevention hotline, they are more emergency hotline, received many special people there are in need of urgent medical, isolation of underage kids alone, is stranded in xi ‘an life inconvenient, there are special circumstances need returning from the city, have appeared during the period of separation depression need comfort, also have security convoys impassable emergency calls and so on.In addition to explaining current epidemic prevention policies and guiding emergency handling procedures to improve efficiency, they are more concerned with counseling and comforting the masses and strengthening humanistic care.Xi ‘an Research Institute bravely undertakes the mission of fighting COVID-19 and fulfils its responsibility as a central enterprise.In the face of the epidemic, volunteers have united as one to contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic.As young people of the new era, they have not only built a solid defense line in epidemic prevention and control work, but also actively promoted positive energy, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of young people today.