The world depends on the way you gaze at it

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“I’ve always believed that the world depends on what you look at.”Restaurants, hotels, scenic spots All affected January 2021, East Main Street, Jishou, children playing ball in the night.In February 2021, Phoenix Heruo, a miao girl.In March 2021, the waiting hall of Jishou East Station of Zhangjihuai High-speed Railway under construction.April 2021: Xinhua, a man uses his clothes to protect people around him from rain at night.In May 2021, baojing 202 b&B grew out of the forest and flowers, and the fragrance of flowers went into the window with the wind.Citizens line up for vaccination in Jishou, June 2021.Reporter from Zhang Jihuai high-speed railway construction to the opening of the record of every important construction node these high-speed railway builders dedicated their youth to the west of Hunan earth, their names can be engraved on the wall of the high-speed railway station in July 2021, Phoenix Ancient City, in the roof of the tourists.Citizens line up for nucleic acid testing in Jishou, August 2021.In September 2021, Yaks and Tibetans in Namtso Lake, Tibet.Hard work should lead to a better life.2021 ‍ In October, Jishou Rongjiang community disorderly parking disorderly car, after the report, disorderly parking disorderly disorderly elephant to be remedied.On the one hand, record the historical process of the development of Western Hunan on the other hand, record the faces of ordinary people and their efforts no matter how people always have hope in November 2021, Phoenix ancient City, more than the epidemic, love can not stop.At 9:10 on December 6, 2021, G9693 times “Fuxing” from jishou East Station drove out, xiangxi formally entered the era of high-speed rail.Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing in the world, and good things never die. Click on the picture to view details
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