Suthida, 44, is much younger, wearing pink and peach blossom makeup, and she doesn’t look like a granny when hosting foreign guests

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Thai queen began to play the part of the tender, but roll up long hair no acosmia feeling, because a pink outfit, makeup is a peach blossom makeup look, appropriate collocation is really young, tall and good temperament, coupled with even the age of 40 + no aunt, no wonder the king husband spoil her alone, watching the new look to know!As she enters middle age, Suthida is in good shape, but who gets older?Even the queen is getting older like everyone else, but she will dress up and look very young, especially in girly pink, which is bold enough to wear in eye-catching colors.Pink pink already modeling and reduction of age, 44, Sue as a pink reception guests, fully communicate in English without translation, sitting on the couch carefully, so there are a strong woman aura, it seems when the queen can’t vase alone, wear a good only appearance, also need to belly ink, in order to gain favor king’s husband!There is no definition of what colour queen Suthida should wear. She has been known to dress in a rainbow of colours, but the most common colour is pink, which brightened skin and gave a warm feeling, and was more comfortable for the camera than the ambassador’s wife, let’s face it.It is understood that as long as it is reception guests, the public must belong to Sue as, mahath king queen will only trust to do the work, but not once the imperial concubine, before the west lamy as a princess, prince reception guests at that time, the somebody else Sue as queen, but today’s Thailand both identity and status, crown prince princess can hardly than before, it’s no wonder that Sue as can replace west lamy,Ability is a very important reason yo!A few days ago, Su Tida a gray fashion out of the mirror, but also a netizen ridicule wearing an aunt’s sense of both, said the queen refused to old;She attended the event a few days later and changed into a pink Thai dress, or the wedding dress she wore when she was crowned queen, this dress before and after the difference is really not small, it is true that the former is an aunt and the latter is a beautiful aunt.To tell the truth, if Su Tida out of the camera does not repair the picture, it is really no problem aunt both visual sense, I saw her wearing a pink suit, the body with black pants, a clash of color feet on women’s shoes, too rural female cadres of both visual sense, there are some local aunt style, this wearing said foreign style is not foreign, said fashionable is not fashionable.Since being crowned queen, Suthida’s shape has changed, good clothes are no less than the former crown princess, but also dignified and generous style, color is also diverse, sometimes elegant, sometimes temperament, sometimes youthful vitality, such a queen makes people look very comfortable.Suthida, 44, is much younger, wearing pink and peach blossom makeup.She is to wear what color clothing, change what color makeup look, for example purple fashionable dress sets match purple eye shadow, give a person romantic feeling, new modelling also is so tie-in, girl feeling is no problem, at least young five years old more than ah!Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact the platform or the author to delete