January 12, the new time has quietly opened

2022-07-06 0 By

Dang!New Year’s vigorous bell rings, each other’s glasses touch, reflecting the tea white light is more and more bright, and I can smile sincerely to the time: Hello, 2022!In 2022, be your true self.I just want to be healthy and happy.Happy, you can laugh freely;When you are sad, you don’t have to bear it, have a good cry, dry your tears, wipe away the dust, still face the light fearlessly run the New Year, want to see more of the outside world.Nib on the paper, I also walk in nature.To du Fu thatched cottage, to swim red cliff, through the ancient vast ocean, looking for those after time erosion, but never annihilated, still shining on the historical monument of the literati, heroes.Go to suzhou gardens and enjoy the pavilions, pavilions, halls, corridors and pleasure boats. Experience the amazing beauty created by man, just like the sky.In nature, sink a heart, take some time to feel yourself.2022, I hope I can be a hard worker.Hard work does not mean to achieve much, I do not need to be better than others, as long as than their own efforts on the line.Pick up those buried goals and work to achieve them.Insist on practicing words every day for two months, insist on reciting English half an hour early every day, insist on one article a week, there is no such thing as a dark horse in the world, the so-called counter-attack, are all your accumulated efforts.For us young people, the New Year is like an unripe citrus tree in early summer, its green fruit bitter and sweet.I know there are too many challenges ahead.Sometimes they are so strong, but sometimes they appear fragile, may be a failure can make me routed, but bite the bullet and stick to it, no matter how hard it is, it will be in the past.Often at this time, I will give myself a hug, tell her: young man, you are great!2022, do a sunflower is also very good, always can hold up a smiling face, facing the sun.2022, I hope I can keep a pure heart, love life.When it rains, I would sit quietly under the eaves, not complaining, quietly listening to the rain beating on the plantain, rain falling on the eaves.When there is sun, sun clothes, sun quilt, sun yourself.You can hold a book and enjoy the shards of gold in your hair and read with me.Watching the sun’s shadow fade, the sun has read the line of the poem, after finishing a page, the wind blows, turn over another chapter.Time has passed the baton to 2022, time and I greet each other, embrace each other, ready to start a new journey.