In Heshan District, Yiyang City, one confirmed case of COVID-19 was found among returnees from other areas

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On April 1, a confirmed COVID-19 case (mild) was found in Heshan District of Yiyang City among returnees from Shanghai under centralized quarantine control.Li mou some, female, 62 years old, is the return profit personnel songjiang district of Shanghai, the evening of March 30, 2022 the Shanghai nucleic acid testing negative proof by changsha return profit from Shanghai, in the sunrise toll highway exit, epidemic prevention and control of health service site staff in accordance with the requirements of the relevant prevention and control, closed-loop transfer immediately for centralized isolation and medical observation on the day of the nucleic acid test results were negative;On the evening of March 31, the nucleic acid test showed an abnormal initial screening result, which was confirmed positive by the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and confirmed as a confirmed COVID-19 case (mild).At present, the patient has been transferred to a municipal designated hospital for isolation and treatment.The Heshan District of Yiyang City immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, and promptly carried out flow tracing, investigation and control, nucleic acid testing, and on-site disposal.At present, close and sub-close contacts found in the investigation have been quarantined and controlled, and relevant sites have been thoroughly disinfected.According to the investigation, the confirmed case mainly traveled from Shanghai Hongqiao to Changsha South Railway Station by train G1301 (seat: 18A, carriage 6) at 10:18 on March 30.16:06, arrive changsha South Station, walk out from exit C;16:30, take the commercial car (Xiang H9AH01) at the gate of McDonald’s to return to Yiyang;18:25, arrive at yiyang Chaoyang toll Station of the expressway, and arrive at the health service station under the guidance of the epidemic prevention and control staff at the exit to receive health services;18:36, go to the health service station to stay temporarily waiting;At 18:49, ambulance closed loop transfer to centralized isolation medical observation point.A centralized isolation medical observation point was quickly taken for nucleic acid testing, and the results were negative.If anyone had contact with the confirmed case on March 30 or had a similar activity path, please report to the village (community) or Heshan CDC (24-hour duty tel: 0737-4118181) immediately under the condition of personal protection, and cooperate in implementing relevant epidemic control measures as required.Release the masses, please pay attention to the official authority, strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control requirements, do not believe a rumor, tale, rumor, further raise awareness, wearing a mask, wash your hands often, more ventilation, does not gather, maintain social distance, actively implement the thermometer to check code in public places such as normalized epidemic prevention and control requirements, speed up to complete the new crown vaccine inoculation and strengthen the needle all the way, to protect yourself and your family,Work together to build a universal immune barrier.Yiyang COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, 1 April 2022