From pop to quiet, from actor to director, or will become the next “Korean director”?

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Retreat circle is false, think red is true, wang Luodan is how to become a director?How scary is a woman who writes “red” on her face?On the night of August 8, 2020, she posted a message on weibo: “I don’t want to be a good actress anymore. I’m too tired, so I want to become famous. Who knows how to become famous, but I also need to become famous with dignity.”The post was later deleted.To May 24, 2021, was again turned out this tweet, “king been Dan retreat circle” connect each other for a whole day on weibo hot search, first in her personal trill reply net friend admitted that ring back, then delete reply, to say that a few years, been one of the few highlights Dan king moment, all happened on weibo – drunk that want to red, help friends find duck,Threatened to withdraw from the circle, but then did not retreat…This wave of operation hype means no doubt, from the director to play a play, perhaps really have director talent, Wang Luodan unlocked a new identity, in the name of young actors to participate in the variety show “director please instruct” sister piece “take it”.In the entertainment circle, mixed can not go down to change an identity, play and the phenomenon of excellent guide increasingly strong.Wang Luodan on the top of the “three without director” title debut.Speaking of the entertainment industry, it is true that every “actor” has multiple identities. Just after the wind of actor reality show, now there is a wind of “director”, actors and directors switch back and forth.This reality show “start shooting” and next door “director please instruct” slightly different, special composition of “film and television green Light association members”, by the director Chen Kaige, Liu Zhenyun, Shu Qi, Chen Sicheng four people.The program restores the “censorship” system in the film industrialization process to help emerging young directors complete their works.Wang Luodan, as the only actor turned director, sparked a hot debate on the premiere.Wang Luodan for the first time when the director, an appearance, shoot what did not say, the scene staged two men for a “Dan”.In the program, Wang Luodan directed the first short film “Accompany chat” through the combination of image and sound, explains that everyone has not understood loneliness, but with loneliness, is the way of life we will eventually learn.Once the short film “Immersive Experience” was broadcast, it quickly became the first rated by the audience by virtue of word of mouth, which was a great affirmation for the director’s debut film, and the literary young woman would never achieve.Unexpectedly, Wang Luodan’s “directorial debut” received a negative public praise from the audience, and the critics were humiliated. Liu Zhenyun also joked that the audience’s level was higher than the critics, and the critics could not represent the audience.Wang Luodan when the crossover director, “eat melon crowd” full of curiosity and expectation, however, fans are a little worried, “screen goddess” will become the next “Korean director”.Is “literary girl” no match for “cake princess”?In the ultimate challenge, Wang Luodan did not fight with Jiang Yiyan is a miracle.In 2010 wang Luotan because of filming with Jiang Yiyan made a death enemy, because originally let Jiang Yiyan starred in the “Hawthorn Tree love”, but suddenly switched to Wang Luotan at the start of the machine, jiang Yiyan was completely unaware of the sudden situation, she also on weibo unknown so the connotation of a paragraph, pointed directly to the change of Angle storm.Later, media reports said that Jiang Yiyan was changed because li Guangjie strongly asked wang Luodan when female, because li Guangjie and Wang Luodan were in love at that time, and Jiang Yiyan was knocked a bludgeoned, undefended by Wang Luodan replaced.In the same year, Jiang Yiyan also helped Jiang Yiyan to “repay good for evil” in pretend to be a couple, and their love and hatred began.Huang Bo revealed in an interview that he would play the leading role in the movie with Wang Luodan. As a result, jiang Yiyan was the heroine when the movie was released. Then Wang Luodan also said that she was informed of a temporary replacement before the shooting, and the heroine was from the investor side.This response brought the situation to a climax, and some people came up to her and asked her if she had an unspoken rule.Wang Luodan’s answer is such, and not I was unspoken rules……Even Huang Bo also said a word: Jiang Yiyan almost stem literary female youth should do all things……”However, although on the surface, two people must have a dispute, but the heart only they didn’t think of two silos, would limit challenge in years later with a variety of encounter, but it is interesting to note that although men to help with the two female guest, but no other king Dan almost no box camera with a jiang yan, of course, no extra communicationThey seem to have made each other off-limits by default.After the first episode of the show, Jiang was suddenly bombarded with criticism, with netizens accusing her of being scheming about her bad attitude towards Wang xun.Coincidentally is the program broadcast after the second phase, Wang Luodan also encountered a similar thing, many people accused her of “chicken thief”, like to play smart, two people in the circle of hatred just on the same program, and just by the net users all black, this is a coincidence or both to buy black draft caused by it?In short, wang Luodan and Jiang Yiyan never had a variety show with the same frame after recording “Extreme pick”, perhaps they will not cooperate again.Bai Baihe must have been the actress whom Wang Luodan envied most during the years when bai Baihe fought with Wang Luodan.Because look like, play road almost, Wang Luodan and bai Baihe poor fight up.A “my youth who call the shots”, wang Luodan and Bai Baihe this pair of “sisters” pushed to the audience, at that time wang Luodan is a serious female two, and Bai Baihe or a just born baby out of eighteen lines.Also from this time, Wang Luodan and Bai Baihe two people touch porcelain appearance of the press release all over the sky, these two faces have become the fuse of two people contradiction.At this time, Wang Luodan had a sense of crisis, after all, Zhao Baogang had said: Bai Baihe is a threat to Wang Luodan.Regardless of the fact, Wang Luodan in recent years on the hot search is no longer with works, but now the route of speculation wenqing, but she is very straight educated general personality, in the circle for so many years because the character is not very good.In 2010, two versions of Du Lala released in the same year, there is a spectator not too big of the reporter ran to ask Wang Luodan, so proud of the young advantage, Wang Luodan has been disgusted with the elder than her age, so blatantly diss each other, deliberately let a person can not stage, although behind Wang Luodan apologize to Xu Jinglei,But “Dan yan Dan language” she or perfect for his closed a door into Beijing circle.Before and bai Baihe competition, but the other side, has been in the wind, very not easy to the other side of their own explosion, the results did not seize the opportunity, but also out of a similar type of Zhou Dongyu to seize the market, Wang Luodan can only laugh at themselves, time does not treat me…..Hence personally end, say “think red”, also do not forget to flaunt once: oneself is a good actor.It’s like some fancy question: Is there a way to get rich overnight?Better lie down a little more comfortably than usual.This question, Bai Baihe can answer: originally is the only way to play.Wang Luodan may also realize that her words are wrong, full of loopholes, but also a lot of emotional loss of suspicion.I quickly deleted the post.Yeah, if it doesn’t, she’ll probably be the next “Showbiz Owes me a Grand Slam.”And her more than once, because had been “Dan Dan language” of things, also got a “one of the custodian of the slotting tool to teach four female” of the title, year, while raining charges xiaotian Yin set to play a woman trigger event entertainment industry reform, wang Dan first of all the crowd stood on the side was raining here, no “personal attacks and personality insult, said the truth also is deserved it, what’s wrong with this world?”Yin Xiaotian took out the video, Wang Luodan installed grievance, it is Yin Xiaotian first curse!It is true to be worthy and upright. It is true to be on the east side of the river for thirty years.Now rely on “literary youth” to hype up the hot search, but when The Times abandon you, even don’t say hello, a retreat and retreat, the more red more paste.