The mother of her 2-year-old’s delayed language development is using 3 methods to make her child’s language explode

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His son Lele is almost 2 years old, but he is still reluctant to speak. When he wants something, he always points with his little finger and makes a sound of “MMMM”, indicating to adults to get it for him.Unless he wanted something very badly, and the grown-ups really didn’t understand him, he would “say” a word or two, like “water,” “rice,” “mama.”Lele’s grandmother was taking care of her. It was quite normal for lele to be in such a state. After all, she firmly believed that “noble people speak late”.At first, I always consoled myself, thinking that Lele’s language should be just like grandma said, and it would be fine later.Unexpectedly, WHEN I took my child out to play, I was severely beaten. At the same age of 2, others could already speak whole sentences fluently and even follow some simple nursery rhymes.Where there is contrast, there is harm.Then I realized that maybe my son really might be a little behind in speaking.If, like me, you’ve made the mistake of thinking that it’s okay for your child to speak late and wait for the day when he or she will burst into language, take note.After all, how can there be a language explosion without enough language input?To do pediatric care, I talk to the doctor said lele problems later, after his doctor interacts with lele, tell me, although the child early evening, but lele situation, really need to pay attention to, after all, he already more than 2 years old, has arguably should be able to communicate normal use of the sentence, the demand of the normal to express yourself.Excluding physiological reasons, the baby speaks late, mainly with adults and his interaction is less about.During the sensitive period of language development at the age of 0-3, parents should try their best to give their children more language stimulation, talk and interact with their children more, and let their children’s language explode.In view of the child’s situation, under the advice and guidance of the child care doctor, I consulted and studied a large number of materials, and concluded a set of training methods by myself, which lasted for four months and finally enabled the child to achieve explosive growth in language.Lele’s language ability has been greatly improved, and she can finally speak complete sentences, express her feelings and needs independently, completely and logically, and communicate with others normally.How to stimulate children’s language ability, share three methods: 1, not too meet the needs of children, let children early abandon the use of “sign language” before children learn to speak, children and parents began to have gesture communication, before one and a half years old, “sign language” is a common way of communication between children and parents.But as children get older, their continued use of “sign language” and reluctance to speak has to do with parents responding to their needs.As soon as He pointed to the water cup with his little finger, his grandmother knew he wanted to drink. As soon as he put his mouth toward the table, his grandmother hurriedly prepared the food for him. In this way, his needs were easily satisfied, and he did not need to speak out, nor did he have the opportunity to speak out.So, want to let the baby talk more, parents may wish to “slow down” to meet his needs, encourage him to speak out, and then meet him, such as the baby to eat, eat snacks, can guide him to speak out, and then give him.In this way, the child may give up relying solely on “sign language” to communicate with parents earlier, and over time, he will develop the habit of speaking.2, guide the baby to learn to speak, from more “dialogue” with him to begin the development of children’s language, follow the process of “discourse” to “monologue language”.Monologue language refers to the ability of a child to express his needs and feelings clearly to others alone.And “antidiscourse,” as the name suggests, is a child talking to an adult.Want to let the child’s language, quickly from “discourse” to “monologue language”, need parents and children more interactive dialogue.Dialogue with children mainly refers to the need for parents to speak more, and then guide children to respond and interact, no matter what the scene can be carried out.So how do you talk to your kids?The “you ask me” between parents and children is a good way.For example, when cooking in the kitchen, instead of working silently, ask your child, “Do you know how to make this dish?”When going to the supermarket to buy food, the mother can ask, “What fruit is this” “what vegetable is this”, and then let the baby answer.While bathing your child, ask him, “Where are the ears?” or “Where are the arms?”…The number of conversations, the child naturally, slowly can express independently.3, guide the baby to learn to speak, can start from the noun, slowly expand to other parts of speech and sentences when children learn to speak, the part of speech is to follow a certain order, often learn content words first, then learn function words.In content words, you learn the noun first, then the verb, then the adjective.Therefore, at the beginning of the guide children to speak, you can start from the daily scene, guide children to say around the object, such as the house, quilt, window, sun, deer and so on, parents can slowly say again, and then guide children to follow say again.Sometimes, parents can also use the scene to give clever guidance and stimulation, to push children to speak out the words.For example, if a child likes to eat a certain kind of cake, parents can encourage him to say so before bringing it to him.Step by step guide the children to speak, of course, is a “skill”, is the need for scientific method and the skill, parents don’t know how to use, can often and children read together “in learning to speak the language enlightenment picture books, and practice language extensions, let the children learn nouns, verbs, adjectives, phrases, and extended to complete sentences, such as,Orange – yellow orange round – little monkey do you like to eat oranges – little hedgehog came, back full of oranges.”Learn to Speak” language enlightenment picture book is compiled according to the language development rules of 0-3 years old children, a set of 10 volumes, is a ladder of children’s language training treasure book, language enlightenment, intelligence development.The full set of books including basic, you ask me, daily words, interesting words, practice onomatopoeic words, language games, advanced chapter, word development, understanding pinyin, theory sentence, three-character nursery rhymes, look at the picture to tell a story 10 aspects of content.Basic and advanced, step by step, from easy to difficult, scientific arrangement, strong practical operation, according to this operation, it is easy to achieve the baby to learn to talk, can talk, love to talk.For example, in the basic “You ask me” supermarket scene, parents can follow the contents of the book, and the baby practice dialogue, ask the baby: what fruit does the cat want to buy?What fruit does baby pig want to buy?What fruit is this?What kind of vegetable is this?Then let the baby look at the scene and answer.In language Games, you can point to your mouth, nose and arm and ask your child “where is my mouth?”, “Where is my nose?” and “Where is my arm?”In “repeatedly onomatopoeia”, you can choose “giggle” “hee hee” “hey hey” and other interesting onomatopoeia, let children fall in love with talking.In the advanced chapter, through word expansion, doctrine sentence, three-character children’s song, look at the picture to speak, step by step, guide children to effectively improve the ability of group words and sentences, language expression ability, logical thinking ability.For example, word expansion, “Little monkey — naughty little monkey hopping — a little monkey hopping toward the woods.”For example, the teacher is lecturing, the painter is drawing, the singer is singing…Through simple short sentence training, help baby’s language expression more complete.For example, three-character nursery rhymes, picture telling stories and so on to further improve children’s language expression ability and imagination.The pictures in the book are familiar scenes in children’s daily life, with a sense of empathy. The cartoon characters are vivid and lovely, which stimulate children’s interest in reading and improve their language ability unconsciously.”Learn to Speak” language enlightenment picture book, a full set of 10 books only 39 yuan, the average of each book is only 3.9 yuan, the link is below, parents with 0-3 years old baby can get.The child’s language expression ability is related to the child’s growth, and whether the child’s language outbreak, the key lies in whether parents know how to guide, with the money to buy cabbage, to start a set of picture books, with a scientific method step by step to guide the child to learn to speak, let the child’s language outbreak, adhere to a period of time, you will see the effect.