Nissan Qijun “nesting doll” CRV, black kit more sports, design finally learn smart

2022-07-04 0 By

Since the black knight design elements became the popular trend of the domestic market, Honda CRV and Honda hao two models into shadow to representatives of the black knight design elements of domestic SUV models, two models pioneered blackened design concept, the overall visual effect is very prominent, and also to match the entry-level version models,Won the young people’s attention and favor, right now, nissan qi jun dolls Honda CRV, adopted new blackened suite, introduced a new generation of black knight version, overall appearance has a strong sense of movement and performance, compared with the Honda CRV not inferior, so in the design of the new generation of nissan, jun was wiser,The car needs and aesthetics of young consumers are deeply considered.A whole new generation of nissan, jun darth vader version of a new generation of black knight version of nissan, jun, dolls Honda CRV, models the entire lead China adopted the blackened processing, and use the blackened hub suite, in the side and rear with Honda CRV design element has a certain similarity, but in the present domestic market also can understand such a design,After all, many cars are using darth Vader’s design style.As young consumers about the black knight version model recognition and attention, so a new generation of nissan, jun chose to join the new blackened suite, this for the moment the younger generation of consumers, to meet the aesthetic needs of the overall and the recognition performance, especially the blackened hub has brought strong motion feeling and visual impact.This time the new smoked Darth Vader version of Nissan Strange Jun, the change is very thorough, the logo has also been black processing, and the power and the standard version remain consistent, still can ensure the overall power performance and acceleration ability, but also can become the mainstream sport version of the current domestic market models.Summary: In the domestic market, a new generation of Nissan Darth Vader version models officially debut, bringing more choices for young people, the overall visual impact and fashion sense, performance is very outstanding.