Musk did it!Can undergraduate students be elected to the American Academy of Engineering?

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The US National Academy of Engineering recently released its new list of 111 academicians and 22 foreign academicians.Elon Musk, the CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX, joins the list of academicians.However, Musk’s highest degree is a bachelor’s degree.He was admitted to Stanford University for a master’s and doctoral degree in materials science, but dropped out after only a few days.Musk, why?The National Academy of Engineering is the highest academic organization in engineering and one of the four national academic institutions in the United States.Its selection criteria are straightforward: it honors individuals who have made “outstanding contributions to engineering research, practice or education.”Why should Musk’s undergraduate background be considered?Since October 2021, Musk has led A wave of massive recalls that seem to have put the entire company under intense scrutiny.What makes Musk an American academician?SpaceX is credited with making unprecedented breakthroughs in the design and manufacture of reusable rockets and new energy systems.Space X is an American Space transportation company founded in 2002.It developed the Partially reusable Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 launch vehicles, as well as the Dragon series of spacecraft that were then launched into orbit on The Falcon 9.In 2008, Space X received a formal NASA contract.In October 2012, a Space X Dragon spacecraft delivered cargo to the International Space Station, ushering in a new era of private spaceflight.In May 2020, the first manned test launch of NASA’s commercial manned spaceflight program was successful.In April 2021, a Space X Dragon spacecraft carrying four astronauts blasted off from Kennedy Space Center for the International Space Station.In May, a test flight of the Space X starship prototype landed successfully;In June, Space X launched its first all-new Falcon 9 rocket.The undergrad’s biggest achievement in aerospace was that it had not been a “private commercial” sector before Musk.Musk originally planned to buy rockets, but found them expensive and decided to develop, build and launch them himself.What’s more, his rockets can be reused many times.Space X exploded, faced bankruptcy and, ultimately, became a huge success.Next, it aims to land on Mars.It is one of the most highly valued private companies in the world.Musk’s business empire is vast.There’s not just Space X, but Solar City, Boring, Hyperloop and Neuralink.Besides Musk, who else in industry made the cut?In addition to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Apple VP of hardware Engineering Kathleen Bergeron, Virgin Galactic ORBITAL CEO, and Pfizer members were all selected for their contributions to their respective industries.Who are Chinese academicians in the United States?Professor Fang Daying of Beijing Institute of Technology and Dr. Zhang Hongjiang, chairman of Zhiyuan Research Institute.