Lao Yang pointed his nose at me and scolded me every day. He even took Houyi to help him. I was shocked by my appearance

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For the current Wolves team, the fans are very satisfied, several players cooperate well, the results are rising step by step, jumped to the top of GROUP S, winning 10 consecutive wins.On current form, the team is expected to break the record of the highest winning streak in team history.The players are also happy to see the stable state of the team, including backup Hurt, who has made a transition to be a commentator and anchor in a new way to continue to accompany the fans and do what he loves.During Hurt’s interaction with fans, some fans mentioned Yang, Hurt’s former partner, and asked about the team’s status at the time.Although Lao Yang had already left KPL, his influence was still very big. In the whole development process of KPL, Lao Yang should also be ranked in the first few auxiliary positions. The sentence “everything can be supplemented” left a deep impression on the fans, coupled with his high voice in the team, so QGhappy was invincible.Triple crown in one year plus 15 straight wins.So what’s Hurt’s relationship with Lao Yang?Objective evaluation in the interaction, the Hurt, he said at the time the old Yang for his often, scold by pointing to his nose, old Yang do things feel uncomfortable, “fortunately, at that time, they are fat, grow more burly, otherwise the old Yang could beat me, he was my appearance to shock”, heard the Hurt of the description,The fans laughed, it seems that the QG five tiger will also be “more fun than joy” ah!Gemini: Gemini came in to Hurt him and asked him what was wrong. Gemini: Gemini, Gemini: Gemini, Gemini, Gemini, Gemini, Gemini, Gemini, Gemini, GeminiHurt: “I feel wronged. I was targeted by Yang. If I still get targeted like that, I won’t play.Hurt told Gemini about his sadness, was directed against the old Yang even if the old Yang to take Houyi auxiliary, the key Gemini began no matter, Houyi can assist?And during that time, Lao Yang often took Ne Zha to assist, but also the kind of death more than 10 times, the key team can win.Every time he won a game, Lao Yang would say that if he died more times, the team would win.Hurt: You guys were high. Did you think about my feelings?How can a helper who’s died a dozen times protect me?Gemini eventually managed to “discipline” Yang a little. Later, when she trained Him to scold Hurt too much, she told him to stop.Of course, Hurt was happy to talk about it. It seemed like they were being “targeted” at that time, but now they’re happy to look back on their dominance of KPL.Hurt: I really want to thank Lao Yang for his hard work. It’s because of his hard work that I’ve been able to make progress and play so well.Hurt: What do you think?Can feel the QG five tiger generals at that time, there are really a lot of little secrets ah!