Analysis of shandong Normal University’s adjustment in previous years!These majors have a lot of quota!

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The competition of the adjustment is particularly fierce every year, and this year 4.57 million candidates, adjustment can only say that the competition is greater, you are preparing for the first choice of students, also should always pay attention to some adjustment information, to do two preparations.Below is to grind new student to arrange for everybody nearly three years shandong normal university to take an examination of grind adjust relevant information, want to adjust to this school’s classmate, suggest to collect!Shandong Normal University (Shandong Normal University), located in Jinan, Shandong Province, is a comprehensive Normal University.Is the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the people’s government of shandong province to build, to be included in the national construction of colleges and universities high-level university professional graduate program, the national “characteristic project” construction of key disciplines in colleges and universities, “the plan” culture, the Ministry of Education “outstanding teacher training plan”, “Chinese and foreign high-level university student exchange program”, the national college students’ innovative entrepreneurial training program, the national “111 program”, the recipient of Chinese government scholarship for International students, one of the first national demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship Education reform, one of the outstanding universities in the Evaluation of undergraduate teaching level by the Ministry of Education, one of the first universities in Shandong province to focus on the construction of application-oriented talents training with characteristics, and a key university in Shandong Province.In 2021, Shandong Normal University will accept the adjustment of 58 majors, with 423 students planned to be transferred. Some majors need to meet additional conditions. For example, the ideological and Political Education major only accepts candidates whose major code is 0305, total score in the preliminary examination ≥340, English 1 ≥50, and specialized courses ≥105.The major of Basic Issues in Modern and Contemporary Chinese History only accepts candidates whose major code is 0305 in the top four, total score of preliminary examination ≥355, and English ≥44.The details of the adjustment are as follows: (The data comes from the tianjing Entrance examination for small Program graduate students) In 2020, shandong Normal University will enroll 427 students, among which the majors with large vacancies are: 025400 International Business, 070200 Physics, 086000 Biology and Medicine, and 125,100 Business administration.The details of the adjustment are as follows: (The data comes from the tianyan Entrance examination for small Program graduate students) In 2019, Shandong Normal University accepted the adjustment of 71 majors and admitted 372 students. The details of the adjustment are as follows:(This data comes from the small program postgraduate entrance examination tianyan) Above is the previous year’s adjustment information of Shandong Normal University shared by the postgraduate entrance examination freshmen, hoping to be of some help to candidates.For more information, please leave a comment in the comments section below!