World of Warcraft players used unreal Engine to create overwatch-style Mogolay Meadows

2022-07-03 0 By

When World of Warcraft was first released, the characters and Settings were cartoonish, as opposed to the dark style and long legs of mainstream D&D, while Blizzard’s other FPS title, Overwatch, was considered deeply cartoonish.Recently, some fans used Unreal Engine to reinterpret the classic scene of World of Warcraft in the style of Shouwang. Let’s take a look.The author, Reddit artist Todtodson, created the scenes using Unreal Engine.While Overwatch itself uses Blizzard’s own proprietary engine, Todtodson still simulates its style with Unreal Engine.In this half minute promo, we once again see the beautiful home of the Tauren, the mogolai grassland, full of life.The video starts with a totem of a symbol, and the camera turns to thunder Cliff, the main city of Bull’s head, overlooking the clouds.The video shows swaying trees and shadows, birds singing and rustling leaves, and BGM is the classic Mogoli theme of Warcraft.Toddodson is a 3D modeler who regularly shares his work on forums, from cartoon doodles to various mascots.Last year, he created a World of Warcraft-inspired hut using open source renderings.After nearly two decades of development, the old engine had become a stumbling block to warcraft’s growth, with many fans hoping blizzard would scrap the game or develop world of Warcraft 2 with a new engine.Dodson’s work could serve as a reference for his new genre, especially for mobile warcraft, which has been officially announced.