Those hidden in the banner “paper short, love long”

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Every day has a different story. In the story, their guardian is the warm and harmonious guardian in spring to solve the people’s worries. Recently, Donghua Police Station received a resident Ms. Liang “Harmonious guardian,For the people of melancholy “said the policeman SuiXiaoYang thanks to live with a village neighborhood will inevitably because of some trivial life conflict shortly before ms liang alarm calls itself a dispute with your neighbors SuiXiaoYang to get know the situation for the first time the original two people just because things have unpleasant before this time because of the water two people arguing who also don’t want to compromise in a few days after the suiReal exhortation, enlighten the two sides can slowly, two people sit down calmly talked last officer said the families of the two sides reached a settlement regrets ground sui you help us to solve a big thing before we go home rise see see the disturbed right now you can say “hello” the chest there is a fire, with the party great trust bowed their heads and for the people,Last week, east Hua City police station received a banner from aunt Lu to thank the police Yang Kun to help find the lost old man shortly before Aunt Lu reported to the police that her lover suffering from Alzheimer’s disease while the family did not pay attention to go out aloneYang Kun has not been back to the characteristics of the old man and often go to the address to find the track of the old man will be lost from qianmen Street back to the police officer Super fast on March 9, Mr. Zhao came to chaoyang Police Station for police Officer Liang Bo wrote “Police officer super handsome,Investigation of super fast “weekend at 4 am police station received a call Mr. Zhao said his girlfriend left mobile phone in the network know the situation about car liang bo arrived at the scene quickly turned out to be sat net about handlebar mobiles in the car, the police quickly contact network platform about car on the driver drivers found a cell phone in 后排座 immediately put the phone back to the police station for melancholy thank you thank you professional integrityYou jingshan police station after the police said they buy on the net of “Bing Dwen Dwen” seller has not shipments suspected fraud police Han Weihong to help him to contact each other immediately turned out to be the causes of logistics have delayed the crowd outside on a business trip to express appreciation to the police specially from overseas sent police pennants express their deep respect for people “for solving problems or jianguomen last weekResidents police station received the banner to thank Ms. Lee sent police li zhi, Shi Chenyu, zheng Yang to help find missing items, the ice hockey equipment Ms. Li stops after the bag on the wall outside the car parked forgot to bag the results to find missing police quickly find will eventually hockey equipment is found their guardian jurisdiction of the masses of the lamp is warm that fire is to illuminate the night of the star with himWe are more warm in this spring