Six championships in six months!Wang Man Yu reverse Chen Meng Sun Yingsha’s secret is what?Li Falcon said it all

2022-07-03 0 By

Recently, Wang Man yu the players got a lot of media attention, only 22 years old, she got very high after the Olympic Games in Tokyo, in the last 6 months, winner of the six such achievements made a lot of fans are amazing, and Wang Man yu can reverse Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha tips, where exactly?Li Falcon instructed a word, told everyone the answer.Coach Li Yang is the head coach of The National Women’s Table tennis Team. He pays close attention to all the female table tennis players. Therefore, during this period, he has been interviewed by the media many times and was very proud when talking about Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu.Because China NvPing three presents the situation of the three pillars of the platform of the three players in the world is big, can represent the ping to compete for the gold, they are three players scores and strength is very strong, can have the three players at the same time also is very not easy thing.In recent period of time, Wang Man yu the player performance is very good, since the Tokyo Olympic Games, she won six titles, in this half a year’s time, Wang Man yu play and growth is incredible, her excellent performances on the pitch, also let everybody surprised is nature and man, especially in the face of her Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha when the two players,Often can complete the big reversal, such performance also let everyone for her psychological quality is very concerned.Li Yang guidance in the interview also talked about this problem, the reason why Wang Manyu can successfully reverse Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha’s secret is that her business activities are relatively few, often with Xiao Zhanguide hard training until 11 o ‘clock at night.Such spirit and perseverance are unmatched by the other two players, and she put all her energy on the competition, while Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha sometimes go to participate in some activities, under such circumstances, Wang Manyu is more focused, naturally can complete the turnaround play.In the six months, Wang Manyu won the gold MEDALS of team in the Olympic Games, women’s singles and women’s doubles in the National Games, women’s singles and women’s doubles in the World Table Tennis Championships, and women’s singles in Macao, showing her super strength.I hope in the next time, Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu can cheer together, looking forward to their growth.