Network star chain friends shop suspected of MLM is Asia on internal incubation?President secretary: No equity relationship

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Recently, some investors asked Questions to Eternal Asia (002183). Hello, Secretary Dong. Now there has been a rumor on the Internet that Starlink friend stores are suspected of pyramid selling.Can the company give a detailed explanation on this matter?The company replied, “Hello, investors, Eternal Asia And its subsidiary Starlink have no equity relationship with Starlink friends.Thank you for your attention.According to Baidu Baike, Starlink youdian is a token e-commerce platform based on token economy applications.Based on supply chain cloud, it integrates Token economy, deeply connects brands, suppliers, distributors and retailers, records every consumption and shares contributions to the platform through Token, so that value creators can share the growth benefits of the platform.Star chain friend store is an e-commerce APP owned by Shenzhen Star Chain Supply chain Cloud Technology Co., LTD.In 2016, starlink supply chain cloud adhering to the “supply chain + Internet + blockchain” strategy came into being, aiming to promote the digital development of the supply side of the back end of retail through the power of the Internet, to empower the supply chain.Starlink Supply chain cloud was initially incubated by Eternal Asia Group, which was spun off and operated independently in early 2019.Star chain supply chain cloud has personal cloud, enterprise cloud, retail cloud and other business plates as well as star chain friend store APP, star chain small program, star chain enterprise cloud official website, star chain cloud business and other product systems.According to the Tianyan APP, Shenzhen Starlink Supply Chain Cloud Technology Co., LTD. (referred to as:Star Link Company was established on September 11, 2015 with a registered capital of 10.82 million yuan. Chen Fangquan is the chairman of the board. The shareholders of the company are Zhou Airong, Shenzhen Star Yi Investment Development Enterprise (Limited partnership), Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management Ltd., Shenzhen Star Shuo Investment Development Enterprise (limited partnership),Jiaxing Xingxu Equity Investment Partnership (limited partnership).So, what is the relationship between Starlink and Eternal Asia?According to the APP, on June 15, 2018, the investor of Starlink company changed from Shenzhen Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., and on February 22, 2019, the legal person and chairman of Starlink Company changed from Zhou Guohui to Chen Fangquan.Network transmission business model screenshots that star chain friends shop is suspected of MLM is how it?Ynethealth found through the third-party search that recently, many we-media on starlink friends suspected of pyramid selling news is not a small number, it is worth noting that the search “Starlink friends” will also appear the keyword “Eastasia”.In addition, an official from the Securities department of AITong also admitted that there had been media doubts that Starlink was involved in pyramid schemes, but she said that the platform only had two levels of cash commissions, and those above two levels were star coupons. The platform has always operated legally and has never been punished by the regulatory authorities.Article source: anonymous, hereby thank you!