Can “garbage” build highways?Xi ‘an to dispose of 6 million tons of garbage, the West is not sitting still

2022-07-03 0 By

China’s development in infrastructure is there for all to see, and some of its achievements are lessons for the West.A recent move by China to build roads out of garbage has attracted widespread attention. This technology is not only environmentally friendly but also saves a lot of money, which makes the West eager to cooperate and learn from it.The technology was used to build the North Xixian Ring Road in China’s Shaanxi Province, turning 600 tons of garbage into a 120 km highway.The project saves 170,000 tonnes of limestone, 32,000 tonnes of coal and 40 million cubic metres of carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional ones.This kind of “environmental engineering” is certainly something that countries around the world would like to learn from. In Fact, there are countries in Europe that use waste to build houses, but such an initiative as building roads still surprises those Western countries.Garbage disposal is a headache in many countries. There are many kinds of garbage. Some garbage can be reused, and some can only be buried.Construction waste, for example, used to be stacked and buried, which would take up a lot of land.Improper disposal of construction waste will lead to the destruction of ecological balance and waste of resources.So xi ‘an took a completely new approach to the construction of the outer ring highway, using a complete set of schemes to turn construction waste into “building materials” that can be used in the production system.After the transformation of the garbage through inspection, after the disposal of garbage can become qualified construction materials.In the project of the southern section of the North Xixian Ring Road, these transformed materials are used for foundation treatment and roadbed filling.The whole construction process realized the optimal disposal of construction waste, but also helped solve the problem of garbage placement around Xi ‘an.Due to the use of new technology, the project cost is lower, which is a goal of promoting resource conservation and utilization in the future.The highway in Xi ‘an was built with a type of construction waste known as muck, which used to be just a pile of land, but now makes a big difference.We often see asphalt roads are very smooth, but underneath the asphalt, there are a lot of uneven pits that need to be filled.The muck can be used as a material for laying roadbeds and sinkholes, of course, it needs to be treated before it can be used.Construction waste is particularly suitable because the filling material requirements are not too high, but the amount is very large.First of all, there are large and small construction waste, the engineering team used a screening method, will not be able to use the garbage after the removal of crushing treatment.The slag particles used as building materials should be less than 15 cm in diameter, and due to the lack of adhesion, further treatment is required.After the adhesion test, it was found that adding 1.5% cement was the most appropriate, and the quality of the project was guaranteed after improving the adhesion.Conclusion In addition to material properties, adhesion, water permeability and other problems need to be solved, these are after many experimental studies to establish the best scheme.All the standards are up to standard before it can be put into use, the built highway not only meets the quality standards, but more importantly, saves a lot of costs and contributes to the protection of the environment.This achievement proves the mature progress of China’s infrastructure undertakings, so there are western countries have “copy operation” move.