A 45-year-old woman cheated on her child’s classmate’s father for a year. Divorce is a relief for us

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Foreword: wake up to touch a mobile phone, discover a message all have no, then silently lit a cigarette.Maybe smoke and cigarette lighter is the so-called sense of security, this is probably the boy’s real situation, a 45-year-old aunt, and her husband got married for many years, and finally to cheat the child, the father of the classmate, even expect her husband to find and call maybe divorce is a relief for us, let’s take a look at what happened in the story.Li Dama readme: hello, hello, everyone, I’m 45 years old, my husband and I met each other through blind date, when I was twenty years old, I feel very young, but I don’t know why my family is to abandon I always marry not go out, I have to arrange mutually close, finally met my husband Lao wang, then marry him, I was only 24 years old,It can be said that a woman is in her prime of life. At that time, I stayed with him not because I liked him much, but because I was too tired.In more than a month of time, I was my home arrangement mutually close, arranged for several times, I already don’t want to STH over and over again, so he chose with him, perhaps this is my fate, the two of us after marriage relationship is not too bad, after all, there are some novelty, married a few years ago, he was also very dote on me, can’t say what don’t let me do housework,Anyway, he basically did all the work and took the initiative to help me share the burden. Of course, it was not such a thing for me to be idle there, so we did it together, which was faster. At that time, our married life was relatively happy, there was no quarrel, only slowly happiness.Network with figure, only for reference but since you have children, the feelings between us changed, may be too much pressure, he becomes especially, every day after work, sit on the sofa to play mobile phone, also no matter what, said he also don’t listen to, but also has been letting me, let me do this let me do that, just like he hire nanny,Sometimes I even shout at me, and then I can’t stand it anymore, so I also fight with him, after all, I am a soft or tough person, so I sat on the sofa looking at his lazy appearance, how he said anyway I just do not move, the biggest quarrel, so we have no less quarrel.Then after grinding time, let us emotionally unstable we originally, now also is spend about, although wanted to divorce, but we have been willing to children, after all, children are innocent, divorce to the child the influence is too big, and the child is too small, I can’t children suffer because of the two of us,We two people now look at each other who do not like the eye, although there is no deep hatred, but also do not have a little patience, a word disagreement will quarrel, I say a word, he quarrel three, and the voice will be more and more loud.Later we separated directly and live, also have no husband and wife life, sometimes quarrel with each other after the finish, I even want to strangle his impulsive, during which I have heard the most word is he married I poured could mold, all say not afraid of quarrel between husband and wife, and they were afraid of the cold war, but quarrel is also part of the start of the cold war, time is long, will be tired.From the initial quarrel to now even people do not want to see, also began our cold war, also from that time, we also became a couple in name only, who do not want to take the initiative, who do not want to open the mouth to say the first word, also have nothing to say.To each other after the two of us also have privacy, his things I don’t want to tube, and my work also won’t let him know that he sometimes even don’t go home for three days at both ends, and I don’t know him to think sometimes I even need to ask the child, just know of his whereabouts, but he didn’t back home, also for me for a while, anyway and dead no difference,Even if someone said he had someone outside, I would not care, every month to the cost of living to the two of us, he came back once or twice a month, when I come back, I will be more than one guest and one more pair of chopsticks, nothing more.Until the children have parents, I met my classmate’s father, because at that time to an earlier time, also few people, and he chatted, found the two of us still kind of input, then also leave contact information, then we chat every day, so that later we direct development become the lover’s relationship, there has been a relationship, I cheated,Time flies, I have been cheating for more than a year. Although I was quite frightened at that time, I later enjoyed the feeling that I had not had for a long time. I also put the guilt behind me and accepted everything until now.Cheat more than a year of this time, I found that my life is no longer as dull as ever, I had to life, life has become my husband didn’t give me, can’t meet me, he will meet me, he round my ideal, round my dream life, and he together of the time, I feel is the true feelings, or perhaps because of novelty,Anyway, I feel like I’ve been with him for more than a year than I’ve been with my husband for more than 20 years. Looking back, I don’t know how long it’s been since I last lived with my husband as a couple, maybe five, maybe seven, maybe more.Although I now has violated the moral bottom line, betrayed the marriage, but I found I even hope that my husband hurry up cheating fact, squandering this for decades, we would have become the husband and wife in name only, have no feelings, to continue like this, we will only torture each other, maybe a divorce is a relief for us.Conclusion: the road will inevitably encounter setbacks in life, life is sure to hit the south wall, encountered some stuttering, marriage life is life, now that is life, how can be smooth sailing, between people get along with, it is need in feelings, but now you cheat the child the father of the classmate, also just because the novelty, nothing more,Many years from now, you will still be as you are now, and at that time, you may not be as lucky as you are now, do you think?Welcome to leave a message in the comment section well, today’s story must be here, you can be bad, but you can not learn bad, life is full of not easy, we don’t need to embarrass themselves for life, forget those unhappy, today is a new you, I am binbin, looking forward to your attention.