Xu Kuang Group: continue to deepen the study and education of party history with “five focuses on five”

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Since the launch of party history learning and education, The Party Committee of Xukuang Group has focused on the theme of “40,000 miners follow the Party and start a new journey of one hundred years”, learned “three main courses”, felt “three forces”, implemented “four actions”, and continued to deepen the party history learning and education with “five around five focus”.To study the history of the party to understand the thought as a firm belief “foothold”, to promote a hundred years xu Mining strong historical leap cohesion of powerful forces.The Central Group of the Party Committee of the Group resolutely implemented the “First Topic” system, carried out the study and discussion of party history education for 16 times, and carried out the “four Principles” action of solidifying the foundation, casting the soul and setting the heart, cultivating the morality and making achievements, and implemented the “two principles” and “two principles” into all aspects and fields of work.We extensively publicized general Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Speech on July 1 and the guiding principles of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and promoted and studied the 140-year history of mining construction and the 94-year history of Party building.Keeping the original mind and preserving the true colors as the “entry point” to temper the Party spirit, to educate and guide party members, cadres and workers to inherit and carry forward the great spirit of party building.Make good use of red resources, carefully build Xu Mine exhibition hall, “red Plateau” party group activity center “and a number of red” card “, organize cadres and workers to visit the site 20,000 people.”Follow xi footprint study history of the party general secretary” starting point “after one hundred, red inheritance gene” “report to my party membership” and other kinds of activities of more than 300 times, for 436 a whole issue “glory in party 50 years” MEDALS, organize thousands of party members and cadres to visit “march one hundred, beginner’s mind forever” the communist party of China in jiangsu exhibition, the history of theWe will guide Party members, officials and employees to unswervingly listen to the Party and follow the Party.To solve problems and warm the hearts of the people as the practice of the mass line “focus”, in the hundred years xu mining strong enterprises across the realization of common prosperity of the majority of workers.Carefully carry out “two in two with a new work,” three for “three zones” when pioneer action, carry out the party’s mass line to the whole process of enterprise reform and development, the worker is yearning for a better life as the goal, always do the power used for the people, love for the people, the plans for the people, around the “five focuses” “Tudor caring about” solve “distress sorrow hope” of the worker,We completed all 10 major projects and 457 initiatives aimed at improving people’s wellbeing.To promote the bottom line, basic, quality of the three people’s livelihood thickening, to promote the attention to vulnerable groups, workers in difficulty, the three groups of families in extreme poverty to increase temperature, to promote wage increases, improve treatment, the United States environment three major warming.We will take opening new bureaux and exploring new projects as the “foothold” of our study, and accelerate our transformation into high-quality energy producers, clean energy suppliers and comprehensive energy service providers.Continue to promote the “consciousness + responsibility + standardization” safety management system, to achieve comprehensive safety production in the whole group, the whole field and the whole industry chain.Aiming at striving for the national “transformation sample, reform demonstration, management benchmark” three goals, promote the “six bases” to strengthen the basis, “five platforms” to improve the efficiency, “five blood therapy” to improve the quality.We will implement the “three initiatives” — reform plus benchmarking, science and technology plus capital, and low-carbon plus smart technology — to accelerate green transformation in the industrial structure, distribution of development, and modes of production.Yang advantage strong endowed with the ability to deepen the development of party history learning and education results of the “breakthrough point”, forge ahead of the new journey, show new as, new xu mine.We will unswervingly take serving Energy security in Jiangsu as our biggest mission, and do everything possible to increase production and supply and ensure supply, people’s livelihood and security, regardless of cost and difficulties.Accelerating the construction of “six energy bases” reflects the core responsibility of Xu Mine in energy supply protection.We will continue to make efforts to strengthen, improve and expand the main coal power industry, consolidate and expand energy production bases that can supply Jiangsu directly, make great efforts to promote the nuclear increase, release and optimization of production capacity, and continuously improve the capacity and level of serving Jiangsu’s energy security.(Contributed: Xukuang Group Party History Study and Education Leading Group Office)