They deserve to be the “main force” of power supply and heating.

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Staff on duty of Jineng Holding Power Group pay close attention to the operation of the unit.A train loaded with 54 carriages of coal slowly pulls into Jineng Power Group’s Puzhou Thermal Power Company in Yongji city at 23:40 on February 3.Adding to the more than 3,000 tons of coal loaded by the train, puzhou Thermal Power Company has discharged five trains of coal since January 14, effectively ensuring the power plant with a total installed capacity of 700,000 kw to provide power and heat in winter.When the train stopped in place, zhang Lei, Lu Peicheng and Wang Xiaobin, two of the company’s sampling staff at the coal inspection center, entered “combat mode” armed to the full.After carefully checking the number of vehicles and determining the name and number of coal mines to come, they boarded a sampling machine and began sampling from west to east.When the sample machine was in each carriage, Lu peicheng kept beating on the coal pipe with a wooden stick, observing the amount of abandoned samples at the same time to ensure that the coal pipe and the abandoned sample mouth were not blocked.After the mechanical sampling, they also carried out manual comparative coal sampling.On the first night, jin can holding power group hill power generation company most of unattended operation personnel on duty remember, most is that they have taken only half an hour, I successfully dispose of an emergency of coal feeder fault, go all out to ensure the safe and stable operation of unit during the Spring Festival, safe and reliable electricity and heat supply.At that time, when tashan Power generation unit 1 load 300MW operation, D coal feeder suddenly cut coal, disk current suddenly increased.In the face of the failure, the chief of the unit judged that the coal feeder was stuck with foreign bodies, so the D coal mill was quickly shut down.In order to ensure the stability of combustion, the oil gun is put in to support combustion. Affected by the desulfurization process, the boiler maintains low oxygen combustion.Subsequently, the head of the unit immediately reported to the head of duty and arranged inspection workers on the spot inspection.The chief duty officer of Five values immediately organized personnel to deal with it, ordered the start of the E mill and the supervision staff to observe the fire inspection, ordered the co-captain to adjust the temperature of the heater and reheater, arranged special personnel to adjust the nitrogen oxide, and informed the point inspection and maintenance personnel to deal with the fault on site.Half an hour later, D coal feeder took out the stone, D coal mill started and normal operation, E coal mill outage, 1 unit resumed normal load operation.Like puzhou thermoelectric and hill, jin can holding power group belongs to the power plant, strictly perform grid dispatching command, do generator should be open to open, should be up hair, thermal power installed in the key of accounting for a quarter of the province in the province, has realized the accounting for one third of the province in the province the thermal power installed capacity, effective play a role of the shanxi electric power “mainstay”;In this heating season, the heating area reached 228 million square meters, accounting for 30.4% of the province’s total heating area of 750 million square meters. It also played the role of “main force” in heating.Reporter Wang Jiali Correspondent Tian Zepeng (Editor: Li Lin, Chu Jialin)