Housing enterprises regional investment to expand the total year: in 2021, the number of hook down 80% has talked about job-hopping after the next holiday

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“I will jump ship after the holiday, and I have talked with the new company almost at present, just waiting to go to the headquarters to discuss details.”Wang Lei (pseudonym) is the southwest regional director of the investment and development department of a hundred real estate enterprises. Although quitting is a voluntary act, it is more of a forced choice under the downward pressure of the industry.From the first round of centralized land supply in the first half of last year to the second half of the year, large enterprises have been “thunder”, the market temperature plunged, investment extension is the “front line” in this dual day.The first step for most housing enterprises to start the “winter slimming” is to control investment — optimizing investment expansion, encouraging job transfer, and optimizing the overall urban and regional investment expansion team.For reference, in 2021, the number of investment and expansion personnel in southwest China that Wang Lei is in charge of has been optimized from nearly 100 to less than 40. “The optimization may continue after the Spring Festival.”12021 hook the number of 80% decline in the whole industry order of the sudden change, the first round of soil patting later, Wang Lei sensed.In Beijing, The “dark horse” Joo Group, which gained a lot in the first round of centralized land supply, was caught in the rumor of “land withdrawal” as soon as it got the land. Although it did not withdraw the land in the end, it also transferred 67% of its stake in a land parcel to two other developers for joint operation.In Hangzhou, Song du would rather lose 50 million yuan security deposit, also want to return the canal new town land previously won by competition.”This is the signal that this cycle may be shorter than thought, winter is coming.”Wang Lei entered the real estate industry after graduating from college and has 12 years of working experience.From Party B to Party A, from housing to industry, from marketing to research and testing……Wang Lei has worked in many positions in listed companies, small private enterprises and Hong Kong-funded companies.In the last two or three years, Wang Lei took root in an industrial real estate company of one of the top 100 real estate enterprises and led his team to take charge of investment and development in southwest China.Wang Lei’s company is a well-known commercial real estate company in China. The main way of investment and development is to make commercial IP through industrial land application with the government, and then seek for cooperation with interested developers and collect certain “consulting fees”, which is the main source of income for his department.”It is actually quite difficult to apply for industrial sites. There are not only a lot of official resources, but also a lot of things to coordinate, including the selection of cooperative developers.”Wang Lei told The National Business Daily that in 2021, the capital chain of developers in almost the entire industry is very tight due to the impact of financing and policy, and the downward pressure on the industry is very big.Of course, Wang Lei also believes that there is a central background of the development of housing enterprises relatively stable.”They have low financing costs, a strong brand and the support of the state-owned system, but the pressure is still huge.”In Wang Lei’s opinion, some private housing enterprises have been “miserable”, it is expected that there will be enterprises in 2022 “explosion”, “this has also led to the housing enterprises in the intention to take the land decreased significantly”.”Developers are interested and willing to take land, we can pick land to pick more;If we don’t have developers working with us once we get the land, we won’t get paid.”‘Although the industry is depressed, we are still doing all kinds of early plans one by one,’ Mr. Wang said.Cooperation even knowing that it is difficult to continue to find, continue to talk……But the year ended with no results.Only the ability to stay up late and anxiety levels soar at the end of the year.Focusing on wang lei’s business in 2021, the number of land applications in yunnan-Guizhou, Sichuan and Chongqing, the four provinces in southwest China that he is responsible for, dropped by 80% in 2021.2 “Investment and development optimization is a common occurrence” in the past decade, once there are signs of policy and capital tightening, housing enterprises will prepare for the “winter”, and the most basic way is always: control investment, seize money.Control investment from the beginning of less land, less land will not need so many investment expansion people — personnel optimization, has always started from investment expansion.As early as last October, media groups began to spread a “investment extension rotation” notice of Zhongliang Real Estate, requiring investment line personnel to the marketing line rotation.Xuhui Group also issued a similar notice, but the tone was much more mild: “Support and encourage” group investment personnel and investment personnel from different regions to rotate to the case, personally contact with customers, strengthen the sensitivity to the market, respect the market, respect the policy, better improve the quality of investment in the future.Hidden in the “rotation” notice behind, is turbulent and the first choice to invest in the expansion of the “optimization of the rotation” package.”In the past, when the market was good, everyone ‘tried to’ hire investment general, regional general, but now the market is not good, these people have become the object of optimization, especially tou Tuo kou.”Look in Wang Lei, these investment total, area total salary is higher commonly, but do not take land now, the existence of these positions does not have what meaning naturally.Wang Lei told reporters that from the second half of last year, personnel optimization is also one of its KPIs.In 2021, the number of employees in Wang lei’s department has been optimized by about 60% from nearly 100 to less than 40 now, “and the optimization may continue after the Spring Festival.”But this is not a simple personnel optimization, but shuffling.”Because companies are optimizing a lot and hiring a lot at the same time.”Wang lei, for example, in the past companies were hiring for Rio tinto, typically proposed investment experience more than three years, have been familiar with government relations, professional line investment calculation logic clear, have to wait for more flexible working experience in brand development demand, there will be three months after admission to allow you to learn, grow, six months probation, but not now.”In addition to these professional skills, what companies now need more is for new hires to be able to bring resources directly to the company. For example, they can take a piece of land to the company’s name when they come on board. The real immediate benefits should be quantified rather than dictated.””Because we are about to enter the real ‘bayonet’ link”, Wang Lei said that the real success of industrial investment and development can be copied model has not been explored, we are very cautious.3. Ready to job-hopping, however, more than ten years of work experience has also enabled Wang Lei to gradually explore an important development skills: a clear understanding of the “periodicity of real estate”, a smooth view of the “big ups and downs of investment and expansion”, step on the upward cycle, seize opportunities;When it comes to downturns, build up your strength and be ready to jump to new platforms before the next cycle starts.Although he has not yet received any information about his optimization, Wang is ready to jump ship ahead of the Spring Festival.”We have almost talked with the new company. We were supposed to go to hangzhou headquarters to discuss details before the Spring Festival, but due to the impact of the epidemic, we may go to talk after the Spring Festival.”Wang Lei told reporters that the company he will go to has a lot in common with what he is doing now.”The partners are developers and the government.For example, some developers have land in hand, but do not know how to make products and projects with high premium price and quick return of capital. These developers are our partners.Second, in cooperation with some government platforms, we will provide ‘one-stop service’ for land design, construction and operation.”As for the final work location, Wang Lei said it should still be in the southwest region.In his opinion, the new company can make projects worth tens of billions of yuan a year in Hangzhou. Although the current market of Chengdu is not so big, “Chengdu and Hangzhou are comparable in terms of urban energy level, and chengdu’s consumption capacity is not weaker than Hangzhou either in terms of GDP or urban infrastructure environment.Depending on the relationship between the government and developers, it is still possible to do billions of business a year.”And let wang lei so confident one reason is that the country nearly time formulation of real estate industry, such as still emphasize “real estate is a pillar industry, the financing side relaxed,” which makes many people in real estate in the “winter” have a little relief, pressure should be said that the industry is huge, relatively extensive development before,Gone are the days of quick money and easy money. Now it is more about luck than expertise, resources and connections.”But what if the luck is bad?Mr. Wang chose to believe in his resilience.”Even if the career change fails, I will live.To survive is just to ‘cut a path through mountains and build a bridge through rivers’.”Writing | Chen edit | Chen Meng fung cover image: visual China