Get New Year new way!Wei brand Macchiato DHT is worth a few reasons

2022-07-02 0 By

We will not go home for the Spring Festival this year. We will follow the policy and celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.Although I am alone, I feel that it is not bad, otherwise I will come back for a few days. It is better to find a quiet day and go back for a few days.After consulting with my parents, I started shopping for New Year’s items, which I couldn’t carry otherwise thanks to macchiato DHT.I just got my driver’s license last year. Although I had a good test, I didn’t have much road experience. So WHEN I bought a car, I attached great importance to intelligent configuration, which could give me the most help.Macchiato DHT intelligent auxiliary configuration is really very and MY mind.Such as tracking reversing, remote parking, transparent chassis, lane departure warning and other configurations, macchiato DHT is equipped with almost full coverage to meet my driving needs and relieve my driving pressure.I went shopping the other day, and the road by the market was really crowded, so I turned on the ICA and let the Macchiato follow the car in front of me, and I just held the steering wheel very easily, without any signs of road rage.Power is intrepid, the girl opens also relaxed Maciiduo DHT not only intelligence is outstanding, performance is very intrepid also, what let me surprise most is performance of fuel consumption.Its comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 km is 4.7L, which has killed many other models of the same class in seconds. In the recent fuel-saving Pioneer Challenge, many technical players also set an excellent result of 100 km 3L. I have to say that the fuel consumption performance of Macchiato DHT is really wonderful, which makes me want to challenge!Moreover, the Macchito DHT’s performance is also very exceptional. It can produce the powerful power of the 2.0-t engine, with an acceleration time of 8.5 seconds for 100km and 4.1 seconds for 0-60km/h. It can not only drive smoothly on city roads, but also easily pass through potholes.This year’s New Year’s goods I have prepared almost, home also began to equip, waiting for the New Year to prepare a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner for yourself!Although is oneself a person New Year’s day, but I also don’t feel desolate, atmosphere feeling still want some, and I still consider the first day of the New Year to the suburbs to see the temple fair!After all, with macchiato DHT, I’m not afraid to go anywhere!