Trying to save men’s football through the college entrance examination is nonsense

2022-07-01 0 By

Even if football is included in the school examination, and eventually included in the college entrance examination system for assessment, men’s football cannot completely change.1, football belongs to the elite, sports plus education category.Maybe most students can take academic classes, but playing soccer requires physical ability, athleticism, and spirituality.This is a high demand on the quality of a person.In other words, almost most people can take courses and do well with a little effort.But 99.99% of football people even if the day after tomorrow to try again, his final results are not the same.The college entrance examination is an examination for the general public. It is a mechanism for selecting talents.If this talent selection mechanism is confused with football talent selection and training, the final result will not only harm the college entrance examination, but also harm the development of football. From this perspective, introducing football into the college entrance examination is tantamount to dropping a drop in the bucket, putting the cart before the horse is meaningless.3. On the future development path.Our goal of popularizing youth football is to select and discover talents, and then we need to forge these talents through elite education and higher level platform, so as to continuously promote the growth of Chinese football.4, football for practitioners, he is a very small part of all the people, for the popularization of campus football and youth football, also aims to arouse the general public and social personage love for football, create a better atmosphere, in addition to this, if you have more ideas, so will not be for football and play a better role in the development of education in China.Therefore, those who hope that Chinese football and China’s college entrance examination combined this idea, is completely nonsense, it will eventually bring negative impact, not only education, but also football.(after)