The legend of Man’s Day in The seventh day of Chinese New Year

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Some people say, “God made all things; God made man!”That is the legend, I believe that people are made by the Goddess Nu Wa!God is king, with modern words, nu Wa Niang is omnipotent genius top academician, experts, senior engineers, postdoctoral, Nu Wa Niang not only can fill the sky, but also can make livestock, can make people is also very likely!You see!On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the Goddess Nu Wa made a chicken. The chicken is a bird with two legs. The goddess Nu Wa was unwilling to make it, so she made a animal with four legs.Second day first made the dog, he also made the grade 3 sheep, 4 made pigs and fifth made the cattle, which made the horse, built in a day than a day, built in a day than a day to run fast, built in a day than a day spirit, nuwa empress in seriously summed up the experience in the process of manufacturing, so more put forward bold vision, created the manufacturing process more advanced “people”,This is also fully consistent with the process of evolution, from low-level to advanced manufacturing process, I believe that people are made by the Goddess nu Wa!People-oriented, people-oriented, ancient customs are also in line with the subjective will of people, respect for the founder of people, respect for human themselves, the development of human civilization, the benefit of human themselves, the benefit of human society!Written on: 2022, 02, 07